9 Responses to Bikini Monster Booty

  1. Alley Al

    If I were passing by, I’d have to palm that ass despite the consequences.

  2. biggbill1959

    OMG! That’s an awesome ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kevin

    I don’t care if it was Photoshopped or not. Great body. Love the site. Keep them cumming

  4. DC

    I really love this site providing us daily with superb big booty pics and videos. For the matter of this picture, it has been difitally enhanced since in the original picture her booty is still superb but not that humongous as shown here. 🙂

  5. Quan

    Yo, I dont know how else to contact you but as a fellow booty aficionado, you should check out Gracyanne Barbosa. Check her on on youtube when shes working out her legs and her facebook where she post pics of her working our. Now shes an assmonster!



    • botd

      Thanks. She has a nice ass, but personally I’m a fan of wide hips too.

    • johnson and johnson

      Plus her muscles are gross

  6. Nick

    look i normally dont care photoshop or not, but i must know. Is this a real booty? If it is the ass to thigh ratio is redonk and those booty folds are beautiful!

  7. jay

    Who is this

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