14 Responses to More Creep Shots in Yoga Pants

  1. Brownhornet22

    That ass can’t be real. I’m assuming it’s photo-shopped. But if it’s not, I’m marrying her. 🙂

  2. Bee

    Dude botd I know I keep asking im sorry bro but when can I get another celeb 2.0?

    • botd

      That’s gonna be a once a month thing.

  3. botd

    I somewhat agree with SS. One thing girls will never understand is that guys are supposed to be perverts. That’s how they evolved. If we weren’t perverts then life would stop because we wouldn’t procreate.

    It’s the fact that we’re always horny that gives us the motivation to seek out sex and continue the human race.

    If there are guys that don’t think about sex all the time, then they’re genetic anomalies. They’re asexual. If you want evidence, just ask any biologist.

    • steve o

      as much as dudes want pussy… chicks want dick

  4. botd

    Just wondering if people aren’t able to edit their own comments when they log back in?

  5. botd

    SS just letting you know that I combined your comments into one and deleted the rest. Let me know if it came out wrong.

  6. satanic saint

    I think women enjoy this sort of thing. If your a women and you hate displaying your assets wear a burka. If your a hot women I recommend wearing skimpy outfits in public. It’s not creepy for me to lust over you in public. What would be creepy is not looking at your sexy body specially in public. I say google glass those huge ass girls.

  7. NBN

    What’s up with the random button? Not working.

    • botd

      Try it now. If it still doesn’t work, clear your cache and then try.

  8. Cook

    I won’t front, I kinda feel creep shots are a violation of females…but I can’t say I don’t enjoy their work. My coworker saw this creep lookin dude snap a shot of this girl next to me on the train while she was sleeping. I was like wtf? But like a hypocrite, I enjoy pics like these so much

    • Pete

      The way I see it, stop being a bitch and taking “creep shots” and man up and ask her for her # (if she’s not married)….

  9. N2BiSex4u

    why should it stop? if some like being looked at and others like looking, it’s a feedback loop to infinity…DUH!

  10. Boooty freak

    That’s a nice ass

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