Asian Assjobs

3 video compilations of assorted Asian Ass jobs and dry humps.

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  1. RagingBullshit

    girl before treadmill girl?

  2. Jackie Riley

    Anyone know the video of the girl before the treadmill girl in video 1?

  3. David Martin

    Who is the very first girl in video 1?
    Also where can I find the video of the girl on the treadmill?

  4. V-weezy

    A year late on this one,but anyone konw the girl in video 3 around 5 seconds in the club?

    • botd

      Reiko Nakamori

      • V-weezy

        Thanks bud

  5. Otakuuu

    White piece in the bathtub, what movie and whats her name?

    • botd

      I’ll check later but are you sure I didn’t answer somewhere above? I thought I got them all.

  6. Bubblebubblebubble

    The one before the treadmillgirl in video #1, anyone?

  7. boogieman

    Final girl in the 3rd video? (Blue swimsuit)

    Thanks in advance.

    • botd

      Ryoko Murakami

  8. Taiwatcher

    Can someone ID the asian at the massage with the white 2 piece in video 2?

    • botd

      I’m not sure but it might be Yuri Shibasaki. Sometimes spelled Yuuri.

    • a person

      Years late but for the record its SS-011

  9. lovetheasians

    Who is the girl in the second scene of this clip? And the title if you have a clue?

    • botd

      I think her name is either Miria Takamine or Milia Takane. Don’t know the title.

  10. lovejapans

    What is the name of the girl in video 2 at 10 secs? She is awe!

    • botd

      It might be Yuuri Shibasaki but I’m only 50% sure.

  11. finditguy
    • Someguy

      Any idea where i could get the torrent of this treadmill clip or what the source is?

      • botd

        The video is IPZ-091.

  12. scarface

    name of the girl in the video 3 at the second 8

  13. Grabbles

    oh, man, I’m just blind =] thx

  14. Grabbles

    What the movie in the end of video 1?

    • botd

      If you mean the treadmill girl, I answered that above. If you mean something else, can you be more specific?

  15. ca$h

    Both kitchen scenes?

    and the white one-piece from video 1?


    • botd

      The one in the white from video 1 … don’t know her name but the video’s called NASS-045 – Butt Job Wife. There’s a download torrent link.
      The girl in the kitchen scene from video 2 is Yuri Shibasaki from Maguro 033.
      The one in the kitchen scene from video 3 with the blue one piece is Ryoko Murakami.

      • Cap'n Bootymonger

        Thanks a lot for the info, man! Really appreciated. I was gonna ask about the one in the white piece, too.

        Actually, thanks a lot for keeping up this site, I check it daily. So much good stuff.. it’s awesome. Gotta love ’em booties.

        • botd

          Thanks man. I appreciate that you appreciate it.

          • Someguy

            Keep doing what you are doing. This is great and thank you for the sources!

  16. Bros

    Treadmill girl please

    • botd

      Kaori from IPZ-091.

  17. lelouth

    sources of everything pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  18. dayum

    asian people … have to learn how to have a good fuck. This is the reason why when asian chicks meet black guys they never go back

    • ni


      • Jake

        Ha! You mad cuz it’s true.

  19. poohbia

    Full clip from the beginning of video #2:

    Whats the names to the others?

  20. Q

    can i get a link to the three girls in video one?

    • botd

      The name of the video is nhdta-394 but I don’t know the name of the girls.

      You might be able to get it here where it says Download Torrent.

  21. bana

    this gives me blue balls

  22. Jonjo

    No names? No links? 🙁

    • botd

      There’s just too many, but I’ll try to name them individually upon request.

  23. N2BiSex4u

    Pixelated porn must be avoided.

    • Spungn

      Dats how it eez in Japan brah!!

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