Asian Assjobs

3 video compilations of assorted Asian Ass jobs and dry humps.

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  1. N2BiSex4u

    Pixelated porn must be avoided.

    • Spungn

      Dats how it eez in Japan brah!!

  2. Jonjo

    No names? No links? 🙁

    • botd

      There’s just too many, but I’ll try to name them individually upon request.

  3. bana

    this gives me blue balls

  4. Q

    can i get a link to the three girls in video one?

    • botd

      The name of the video is nhdta-394 but I don’t know the name of the girls.

      You might be able to get it here where it says Download Torrent.

  5. poohbia

    Full clip from the beginning of video #2:

    Whats the names to the others?

  6. dayum

    asian people … have to learn how to have a good fuck. This is the reason why when asian chicks meet black guys they never go back

    • ni


      • Jake

        Ha! You mad cuz it’s true.

  7. lelouth

    sources of everything pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  8. Bros

    Treadmill girl please

    • botd

      Kaori from IPZ-091.

  9. ca$h

    Both kitchen scenes?

    and the white one-piece from video 1?


    • botd

      The one in the white from video 1 … don’t know her name but the video’s called NASS-045 – Butt Job Wife. There’s a download torrent link.
      The girl in the kitchen scene from video 2 is Yuri Shibasaki from Maguro 033.
      The one in the kitchen scene from video 3 with the blue one piece is Ryoko Murakami.

      • Cap'n Bootymonger

        Thanks a lot for the info, man! Really appreciated. I was gonna ask about the one in the white piece, too.

        Actually, thanks a lot for keeping up this site, I check it daily. So much good stuff.. it’s awesome. Gotta love ’em booties.

        • botd

          Thanks man. I appreciate that you appreciate it.

          • Someguy

            Keep doing what you are doing. This is great and thank you for the sources!

  10. Grabbles

    What the movie in the end of video 1?

    • botd

      If you mean the treadmill girl, I answered that above. If you mean something else, can you be more specific?

  11. Grabbles

    oh, man, I’m just blind =] thx

  12. scarface

    name of the girl in the video 3 at the second 8

  13. finditguy
    • Someguy

      Any idea where i could get the torrent of this treadmill clip or what the source is?

      • botd

        The video is IPZ-091.

  14. lovejapans

    What is the name of the girl in video 2 at 10 secs? She is awe!

    • botd

      It might be Yuuri Shibasaki but I’m only 50% sure.

  15. lovetheasians

    Who is the girl in the second scene of this clip? And the title if you have a clue?

    • botd

      I think her name is either Miria Takamine or Milia Takane. Don’t know the title.

  16. Taiwatcher

    Can someone ID the asian at the massage with the white 2 piece in video 2?

    • botd

      I’m not sure but it might be Yuri Shibasaki. Sometimes spelled Yuuri.

  17. boogieman

    Final girl in the 3rd video? (Blue swimsuit)

    Thanks in advance.

    • botd

      Ryoko Murakami

  18. Kaiutzi21

    white one-piece from video 3 pls ? :]

  19. Bubblebubblebubble

    The one before the treadmillgirl in video #1, anyone?

  20. Otakuuu

    White piece in the bathtub, what movie and whats her name?

    • botd

      I’ll check later but are you sure I didn’t answer somewhere above? I thought I got them all.

  21. V-weezy

    A year late on this one,but anyone konw the girl in video 3 around 5 seconds in the club?

    • botd

      Reiko Nakamori

      • V-weezy

        Thanks bud

  22. David Martin

    Who is the very first girl in video 1?
    Also where can I find the video of the girl on the treadmill?

  23. Jackie Riley

    Anyone know the video of the girl before the treadmill girl in video 1?

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