18 Responses to Kurvsgirl Throwback

  1. BootyBanditSDB

    I’ve been looking for any content of hers such as pics or even vids. If you have anything of her, please let me know and we can trade because I have some content myself.


  2. big booty obsession

    Alexis Texas is back!!! damn she need interracial! is she racist ??

  3. Your Humble Narrator

    There’s just something magical about this one for me.

  4. yabajaba

    Fuck, this girl is amazing! I googled her and there’s a ridiculous amount of results but unfortunately, she’s pretty much disappeared. Tons of dead links, sites that are down, etc. Guess she had a huge following.

  5. Bootyfreak

    Looks good when she’s bent over, not standing though.

  6. ilovemesomebigbooty

    Fellas, can you help a thirsty brother out?


    I need to know what her instagram is or any sort of information i can find about her. She’s mighty thick!

    • Al Bundy

      From my quick check. I believe her name is Sherry.




      Although they’re private.

      • ilovemesomebooty

        Good lookin out, AL bundy! I hope a brother can follow her. Eventough her curves are fake, she’s mighty fine!

  7. anon7389

    High cut thong friday. Fuck yeah high cuts

  8. Spiderm

    Name plz

  9. Maxwell

    Mom is that you

  10. Desipimp

    That ass is magnificent!! Love how long her butt cheeks are!

  11. Suresh Maanlest

    Wow. that is a classic piece of ass. Lovely. Thanks for posting her.

  12. naughtynuff4u

    that looks like solid snake from metal gear solid on the poster in the background.

    • Ftz

      She got my snake solid NAHMEAN

  13. Poohbia


  14. Bootyman96

    How old are the vids? It’s giving me like a 90s or maybe a 70s vibe. It’s probably from a few years ago and they made the vids look like that on purpose.

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