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  1. Anonymous
    • botd

      What was the video? Looks like it got taken down. I’m guessing they’re relaxing the rules on what you can show?

      • Anonymous

        Long story short: Twitch relaxed TOS terms. The new meta became female streamers framing their areolas, crotch areas and booties out of the camera frame simulating nudity. Right-wing male streamers responded by complaining en masse about men’s rights on Twitter and Reddit leading to some of them showing their dick and balls uncensored on their own livestreams and even on other people’s streams that didn’t see it coming. So now after 2 days they’re rolling back the TOS re-do.

        Regarding the clip: 1st one clearly taken down (it’s a Brazilian girl with jiggly butt checks twerking), but it still exists on TTV site. Trying again. Let me know if it works. Clip is under the “Best of 7 Days” Category (it will stop linking soon).


        • botd

          Yeah, works now, thanks. Hmmm yeah that’s probably a little too much for Twitch. I heard that when they relaxed the terms, the tech people knew, but not the administrative people, or something… and so streamers were getting banned, even though they were following the (new) rules… and felt that they shouldn’t have been. I don’t know. But yeah seems like a mess.

  2. Mashun

    WOW, name?

  3. Zombie


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