13 Responses to Jynx Juice

  1. alex

    Bad girl

  2. davefox89

    This video was a classic

  3. Someone

    His pipe laying skills suck if she can still have full conversations while taking backshots.

  4. blackfrost

    i’m thirsty now

  5. filthy frank

    one of Jynx’s and Brazzers best scenes 😀

  6. dreamworker

    very sexy girl and a very good ass!

  7. Fam

    I’d be like “if I buy some lemonade can I be next?”. Also, much love for the shout out a few weeks back. I hopped on here and noticed recently. Tried to leave a comment acknowledging it but the page would always reload

    • poohbia


  8. OPP

    Love jinx… any sauce?

  9. That_dude

    haha I aint even mad at the dude for taking advantage of that situation behind the scene. Nice ass as well!

  10. Ramone

    This video is one of the best porns ever! I’d post a link but I’m at work.

  11. Donnie Darko

    she is one of my favorite girls. An amazing ass!

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