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  1. Oswaldo Romero Jr

    Nice pair of MATCHING butt cheeks!!! However…their facial expressions are far more interesting at this point…They probably both thought on who’s idea was it to come there to take some nude snap shots of their nicely , tight firm buns..while
    the sun beamed down hard on both their pale , off-white,clammy-skin in a southern type humidity m.. with their local chemical waste plant site nearby, along side an almost dried up riverbed, that grows a barrage of poison ivory plants in which breeds dragon flying mosquitos ,year round …..wha ..the ..fu@# who didahhoo?!!!??

  2. Udder Appreciation

    Me loves hippies & hippies loves me.

  3. chip
    • botd

      Duh, obviously it’s gonna be shopped. I don’t just take shit and post it without putting in work.

      I mean shit, an official website that DOESN’T PS all its pics makes no kinda logical, rational sense, at all.

      If you ever find a site that posts photos straight from a camera without making mad adjustments (and yes, to the exact thing they’re trying to sell, in this case booty), please let me know, cause I never have. They don’t exist. Except for amateur sites and personal blogs that don’t last more than a few years.

      It would be like a store that pulls stock from the back of its warehouse all dirty, dusty, cracked and broken and puts it right on the shelf, just like that. You don’t need to have passed Business 101 to know that people aren’t gonna buy your product. They’re gonna go to another store that fixes their shit up. That’s the most of course, duh, and obvious thing ever.

      Man I love my analogies. They always clear everything right up.

    • botd

      Oh yeah I don’t just make statements without evidence. So here, check the main pages of every official porn site.


      Let me know which photo isn’t PSed like crazy. Don’t just stop at porn sites tho. I’m talking about any site. ANY site.

      As the kids say…Challenge accepted?

      No I can’t explain why sometimes I give 10 sentence answers to half a sentence comments/questions, but it’s cause I have no “choice.”

  4. Poohbia

    Yeah, i think this is a recent pic made to look like it was from the 60s

    Both can get it, anyone know who they are?

  5. Bootox

    Well, I don’t think that these are girls from the 70’s, but the important thing is that they are incredible!
    Thirsty to prove these asses and tits…

    Nice BOTD!!!

  6. Maxwell

    It’s kinda disturbing to think these chics are probably in their 70’s now

  7. Shadyman1

    I would travel back in time to hit that!

  8. Ommy


  9. Yeah

    Showing Peace since the ’70s!

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