Thick Asians on the Bus

So you’re on the bus, and those two come in like that. What do you do? Choose all that apply…

  1. Fondle them all over like a Japanese male pornstar.
  2. Just sit back and enjoy the view.
  3. Whip out my phone and take pics and videos to send to BOTD.
  4. Get off at the next stop and wait for a bus with skinny, masculine looking chicks.
  5. I don’t take public transportation like the common folk because I’m big willy.
  6. Put my hand down my pants like Al Bundy and take care of business.
  7. Ask them out on a date.

From OONIKU-017

54 Responses to Thick Asians on the Bus

  1. Anonymous


  2. rememberme

    does anyone have a new link?

  3. ChiefGTP

    This link is not a working link provide working video link looking to empty my balls

  4. Gouda

    Plzzz botd who is the girl in the blue

  5. Naughtynuff4u

    Thick Asians on the Bus are round and round.

  6. Bootyhunter

    You are these two chicks, they have amazing asses

  7. botd

    Oh yeah, another reason somewhere in the back of my mind I probably didn’t wanna give the video info right away, is cause (by my definition at least) the one in the reddish dress is fat, not thick. So I tried not to use clips where her gut is exposed, for fap’s sake. The one in in the blueish is thick and lovely tho, so feel free to use her to do your thing.

  8. B-dubbs

    Off topic does anybody know who this chick is

    • botd

      Anybody know?

      • primerino

        Mandy Muse

  9. Udder Appreciation

    A,C,E, G: get a number, H: try to get ’em off the bus and into a private setting to escalate fondling into hard core cake smashing.

  10. Yeah

    That’s more like it… 😉

  11. botd

    Oh anyway, people, give me a chance to post a link or info, to see requests, or to approve comments.

    And to that dude, yesterday I didn’t have time and was in a mean nasty mood, but this weekend I have time and I’m nice. So let me know if there’s a video you need help finding. Email link is on the bottom.

  12. Poon Raider

    Haters gonna hate!

    • botd

      Thanks bro, but he wasn’t really hating. His only mistake was not having enough empathy.

      I’m twisted so i can kinda see his point of view right now. I mean if I came to this site and saw those juicy Asians, I would demand a link right away too. And there’s no way I could have known that BOTD couldn’t post a link or info right away and didn’t see people asking, cause he had to bounce to his second job in a real rush, and that he has to do about 5 jobs like a Jamaican to make ends meet, and to pay for the server bill to host this site, which is $225 a month (two hundred twenty five dollars? good lawwwd).

      Damn I just made two references to In Living Colour. I need to chill with the old shows like ILC and Married with Children cause most people won’t get it. It’s not the 90s anymore BOTD.

  13. Bootox

    F…for fuck the two inside the bus until they can’t walk anymore.

  14. James
    • botd

      Dude this is the 3rd or 4th time you posted this. Okay please somebody help us, we need more fap material.

      • Poohbia

        Seriously, this dude is getting annoying now spamming these links

        • botd

          You think it’s the dude that owns PAWGtube, or somebody trying to promote that girl? I thought it was just somebody looking for material like the rest of us. But yeah, maybe you’re right.

          James, last time, or there’s gonna be trouble.

    • FKFKFK

      bigbottombehavior AAAmazingggggg!!!

      • botd

        Damn. Well, face looks a little uh…what’s the right word…Different? But I wouldn’t kick her out of the car.

        Oh wait, she’s the one that James was looking for. Thanks FKFKFK.

    • James

      Sorry, guys. I didn’t mean to seem a spammer and I’m not the owner of this site. I just want know who is this girl, and I think someone knows her youtube or something like.

  15. C.A.

    B & C, because I’m realistic

  16. botd

    Taking a break till Tuesday cause fuck this shit.

    Edit: Actually nah, doing a special post tomorrow, then taking a break.

    • Horny Tom

      I love you BOTD.

      Even if dont post the links and give me blue balls at work. Youre the best <3 lol

  17. Cash

    I’ll take Shrimp with that order please.

  18. TrapperDon

    If there becomes an influx of well built Asian women, this will hopefully render the angry black woman, with a ghetto booty, obsolete. Pray for us brothers nationwide.

  19. Yeah
    F*ck yeah, found it. Took me 10 minutes, looking at the wrong direciton the whole TIME! You are very welcome guys.

    • Quandisimo

      Dude, you the real MVP. I don’t understand WHY sometimes BOTD can’t post a link when it can just make life easier. Not even the names to some too. Makes me fuckin pissed!

      • botd

        There’s no site on the internet that gives you more IDs than this site. Took me all morning to make this, then I gotta rush out to work to make ends meet since this site is FREE, and when I got a chance I was gonna find out the info and post it later, like I do 98% of the time. Man I swear people act like they’re sending me checks in the mail and shit.

        And YOU’RE fuckin pissed?

        • Yeah

          Lmao. Guys, chill. Quandisimo, you gotta pay some homage and respect to this dude. I’ve been using this site for a long while now, and his content that BOTD delivers to others is remarkably unmatched. I still consider this one of the best tumblrs for these type of stuff, so I’m pretty sure of behalf of everyone we should be pretty grateful we get awesome content of thick women almost daily.

          • botd

            Thanks Yeah. True on everything except just one thing. This isn’t a tumblr.

      • Quandisimo

        Meh. Still, I expected to be 100% of every post to be counted than that 2% of that 98% being jackin off and slackin instead of some more quality content. I don’t want to be that guy goin on a scavanger hunt trying to find that one picture of a beautiful thick model in an hour like a majority of BOTD’s Sexy Selfies/Sexys in Bed or whatever the FUCK it’s called that you usually do on Friday. I just expected a little more effort and a helpful video link to save me some time…that’s all.

        • botd

          That wasn’t an argument. That was either a troll or a delusion.

          I don’t know what’s worse, entitled people that think other people owe them something for nothing, just cause they exist, or people that think their opinions are truth.

          Nah that second thing is still the worst ever.

        • Quandisimo is a dimwitted dipsht

          botd, your work is top notch. fuck the haters

          • Quandisimo

            Hah, funny. And I see BOTD is taking a break I suppose…until then, I hope sh*t gets fixed up and his head is straight by then.

          • botd

            Nah you’re right Quasimoto I mean Quandisimo. Like you said, there’s not enough quality content, and I’m not putting in enough effort to provide links and names for you, to make your life easier like I’m supposed to. There’s no point in posting anymore.

            Ni99a fuck outta heeere. I give less fucks about making your life easier than George Bush and Dick Cheney. I give less shits about you than Comcast Customer Service.

            Btw, use the same login info (doesn’t matter if it’s fake) when you comment so I don’t have to keep approving it.

          • botd

            Haha. Dude I just searched your IP in the comment system to see if you were anybody else. Guess what I found? Haha. Damn I’m actually more impressed than upset. For real I’m not even mad. Don’t worry I won’t say anything.

            Next time tho, can you gimme like a day to give a link? Cause I got mad shit to do all day ya know. I usually always provide some sort of link or info for the videos when I get a chance.

            For the pics, if I don’t give a name, its either cause I don’t know it, or cause it was slightly adjusted, and don’t wanna disappoint anybody.

            Anyway thanks for the laugh, keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t worry, I’d never ever treat you like Comcast. Okay shuga sweetie pie? ;o)

  20. Bootyfreak

    If they are allowing themselves to be touched in that manner, abc!

  21. Yeah

    Btw BOTD, where did you get this video? I’ve never seen such thick asians in my life *_*

  22. Yeah

    Groping on a BUS? OHHHH MANNN. Obviously take option F.

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