17 Responses to Spicy Squats

  1. Quanton Soup

    So lame that Spicy J doesnt like the D. I’m pretty sure shes a lesbian because I have been following her for a while, closest thing I’ve seen her with a dick is with a dildo. But dat ass tho.

    • Reizo_420

      She doesn’t do porn because she had a boyfriend/husband. I wouldn’t let her be fucked by another men as well if i was here her man

      • Grice

        Now it seems fair

  2. cole cash

    @ bigswole: indeed, she’s in the top 5. Her ass and thighs are insane!

  3. Big Dawg

    She got a boyfriend thats y ….but thats so dumb y be in the pron industry if you aint gon fuck……but shit they pay her for doin absoluty nothing so more power to her but damn a scene with her wud be epic

    • Reizo_420

      She begged her boyfriend but he refused to let her, i wouldn’t let her either, i keep that to myself

  4. Bootox

    Thanks BOTD man. Really, Really thanks. Look at the size of this butt! GOURGEOUS! She is easily better than a lot of other girls in the porn industry (face and ass). Just imagine she riding a real dick…
    Someone knows why she don’t make scenes with men??? She looks lesbian by the trailer…

  5. Jason

    BTW Mr. BOTD man… if it’s not 2 much 2 ask could you put this on your Tumblr please?

    • botd

      I can’t, because they’re not gifs. But I’ll post a gif of her with Nina Rotti tomorrow.

  6. C.A.

    Maybe she has a man, or is a lesbian.

  7. C.A.

    The industry’s balls haven’t been this blue since Molly Cavalli.

    The black girl, Nina Rotti, is cuter though and no slouch in the ass department, but you gotta imagine that the male talent is feelin’ some kind of way.

  8. Vertigo

    I downloaded this video today, is very good, but why Spicy don’t fuck ? I mean, she put a dildo in her pussy, but don’t do porn, wtf

  9. tommytbaron

    She can squat on my small-to-medium-sized wang!!

  10. Jason

    That fucking ASS!!!! I wanna eat her ass & have her sit on my face!!!! The things I would do to her! & I am glad she came back to porn!

  11. blade

    Are there any gifs of Spicy J walking away from the camera butt naked? I know there’s a brief moment in the new assparade, but it’s too brief lol

  12. bigswole

    earthquake buns. she’s top 5 all time.

    can someone please make her go all out! what’s her problem?

  13. iceman8069

    Oh God..the things I would do to this chick!

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