8 Responses to Big Beach Booties – Part 2

  1. PhatBootayPounder

    jacked off to ass #2, in my fantasty i fucked her so hard i splooged on her and she was dripping with my hot cum

  2. Cook

    The gif at the end is just beautiful.

  3. Ross

    I just jacked off to picture 10 (my favorite of the lot). Pounded that ass mightily in my fantasy. Splooged abundantly. Thanks. Out.

    • botd

      Ross that’s cool but, you didn’t go into enough detail. Tell us more.

      Nah but glad you like it. That’s what we’re here for. BOTD, helping guys splooge since 2011.

  4. botd

    I should start offering prizes for the most comments to get you shy muthafuckas to comment more.
    Thanks ks4714 for contributing, even though you shouldn’t be snooping around the servers bro. haha

    • ks4714

      Actually, I didn’t snoop around the servers. The pictures were numbered 1-14, and 13 was missing from the list. I just copy/pasted the link and changed the number to 13, and voila! Bonus booty!!! I think that’s what I’ll call her… yeah, that sounds about right!!!

      • botd

        I thought maybe you saw the post when we first put it up, because that pic was there, and then saw the name and number.
        But I wanted to add that last gif, so I had to sacrifice one of the pics to make everything fit, and I chose the pic that, in my opinion, I thought was the most boring.
        Anyway, good detective work bro.

  5. ks4714

    They forgot to post one, but here’s the link //bootyoftheday.co/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/big-beach-booties-2-13.jpg
    You’re welcome 🙂

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