28 Responses to Belly Dancer Boobs

  1. BlackKojak

    B, not thick enough. I love them voluptuous types like London Andrews.

  2. G Whitley

    Sophie Mei is just thick enough.

  3. ifeigawa

    it is perfect for me

  4. Jerome

    i would say if she lost 20-30lbs she’d be PERRF!

  5. lj

    just right. very nice. hips could be a smidge wider.
    also, need to see the ass

  6. That_dude

    just right all day

  7. jDiLLa

    e) Thick in the wrong places

  8. Jamal

    Just right.
    I really dig her.

  9. Douche Baggins

    Love her boobs, but she’s got one of those wide, flat ish asses… I’d still smash it, but not from behind! She’s not too thick (close, though) but she needs a bubble!

  10. Hash

    Just right

  11. tommytbaron

    Perfect, man! I’d love to lose my wang between those puppies.

  12. blackfrost

    she is just right to me. i’m more of an ass man but the boobs are nice to

  13. E

    Anyone looking for some stuff or to lazy to look


    Other links are under the vid

  14. mm

    Just right…
    I don’t see much of her lately, did she retire or I’m just looking at wrong places ? All I can see is her old stuff.

  15. DC

    She’s mighty fine by me!

  16. Aalim Chin

    c all day.

  17. E

    She also goes by the name Inge Igmar. Shes Czech or something i think i read. Cant seem to find anthing other then model stuff…My answer would be E…For perfect. If every woman had this archetype life would be too perfect.

  18. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Perfect (2)!!!

  19. Chukou


  20. StickMan

    C for sure

  21. John

    Just right for me.
    Love some curves!!!

  22. Chop69

    Just right for me.!!!!!! Who wouldn’t love that!!

  23. G

    Just right, for sure. Assuming her butt isn’t flat. 🙂

  24. Dr3w1029

    That body but 4″11 that’s my girl exactly

  25. SkiOne

    Just Right no doubt

    • SkiTwo

      Absolutely agree

  26. realreal

    well my gf has that kind of big boobs, but without the big ass and skinnier. I’m ok with that, but i prefer big butts.

    This is an unfair world…

    • erios

      what are you waiting for? Pics or it’s a lie!

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