13 Responses to Jada Stevens Naked Walk

  1. Suresh

    Wow. Jada Stevens. What an amazing performer!!. Her lower body is just perfect and the way she performs in the scenes is excellent. Lovely girl. In fact he whole attitude is great and any man would like a girl like her on his beside.

  2. BSD

    Friends –

    Jada will always have a place in my home.


  3. scum666

    Fuckin perfection.

  4. iceman8069

    I don’t give a fuck…I’ll still give Jada every inch of me and pound her ass out for real!!

  5. Demetrius

    She’s looking good. Her body is just so very sensual in every way. Perfect proportions. Thick and fat is just getting old. Not all women look good with extra blubber hanging around. This beauty however gives women something to asspire to.

  6. Bootox

    Plus, if anyone knows the link for the video, please post it for us!

  7. Bootox

    BOTD, you’re wise! Talk about a sexy walk! Holy shit, her body is nice….not fat ass enough, but nice…

  8. Traxx

    She’s still the queen

  9. Bootyman96

    Hey BOTD please make a post on Ashley Graham the new chick on Sports Illustrated #Curvesforall. http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2015/stylewatch/blog/150216/si-plussize-600×450.jpg This chick is changing the modeling industry don’t you think?

    • Blackfrost

      yea i saw that. she is pretty fly

  10. John

    Thanx BOTD.
    She is nice but me personally, I think I am over her.
    So many others.

    • DG

      i was so crazy about her when this scene came out
      http://www.rk.com/monster-curves/bangin_body/home.htm and since then anal has become so huge and basically a must now a days. that scene is the reason why i will never be over jada 🙂 thank you jada for what youve done for the industry

    • Pete

      I have to honestly say, I was never a big fan of hers….

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