18 Responses to Girls with Glasses – Part 5

  1. BigMike

    asian chick at the bottom?

  2. Tom


  3. Novoj

    Anyone know #1’s name???

  4. Lula420

    #11 is Aria Cole, aka Aria Dreamgirl.

  5. lolman

    Hey BOTD!!! Check out this delicious PAWG SuperBootyNikki: http://www.xvideos.com/profiles/superbootynikki#_tabVideos

  6. Yeah


    Girls #7 and 8.


  7. Jason

    I like #1, #7, #8, #10, #11 & #13. 7 is Dee Siren & who is #13? She is sexy as fuck!!!!

  8. willyt

    wow number 4 doe! any info on that girl?

  9. natedrake

    girl with white pants……who is she??

  10. natedrake

    i recently saw a video with this amazing blonde pawg called.. “STORMY CUMMINGS” and i’ve been trying to find the rest of the videos with her.. but i just can t find anything. she only made this and two other videos for the same website.. i thing is called.. BRING ME YOUR SISTER.COM. but i thing it doesn t exist anymore.

    if someone found something, please…. put it here.. =)

    this is the video. and btw.. this is not the full video, it s only a some sort of teaser video, edited in some parts


    • yabajaba

      Nice find! Love the thick small town white girls. Unfortunately we pretty much dont have them here in CA.

      • natedrake

        where i live i know a decent amount of girls who looks like that, white, big ass, wide hips beautiful legs.. but a lot of them work as a stripers. yeap, whenever i can… i pay a little visit to some of those strip clubs. costs money obviously . but is totally worth it

  11. Bayman
  12. DG

    13 wins

  13. ks4714

    Gotta love the hourglass on 10… DAMN!

  14. blackfrost

    i swear glasses and bracers are such big turn ons for me. this is an awesome post all the way

  15. iceman8069

    #’s 1,3,4,6 & 9 could all get it…they all could in actuality but those 5 especially though!

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