11 Responses to Remy a Hoola and a Hoverboard – Part 1

  1. Ilovemesomebooty

    She used to have a perky butt, but goddamn! She became thick!

    Her current body composition is excellent. Not too skinny but definitely thick.

  2. Pete

    I won’t lie, I wasn’t a huge fan of hers when she 1st hit the scene but I’ve become a fan of hers quickly. Her body is straight beautiful

  3. naughtynuff4u

    so it’s a hoverboard but it has wheels. that makes sense.

  4. bootox

    Oh Remy, my love!

    You’re like wine, getting better as time passes! lol

    Gonna watch this scene right now!!!

    …and thanks again, Botd!

  5. beardo

    Always have, and always will be all about Remy.

  6. Jason

    Hey yall. REMY IMO has gotten thicker in all the right places! That fucking ass is AMAZING!!! PAWG CERTIFIED! Anywho… here is the link to the full scene. http://fapstor.com/videos/remy-lacroix-serious-curves-09-01-2016 Thank Me Later. Quick SN: Make sure you have AdBlock or some type of protection. The site might have a virus or something. IDK for sure tho. Enjoy!


    Yesssir her ass is a little phatter! Droooools

  8. Zorken

    Simply amazing! Just Remy and her good old hula hoop doing their thing… and as a bonus, her ass got fatter since the last time I saw it!

    While she doesn’t have the biggest ass in porn (although it’s a pretty large and round ass for her slim frame), the special thing that she has and the majority of other pornstars don’t (and also what makes me drool all over her) is the fact that she is so cute and feminine, so happy about what she is doing, so womanly… almost too cute for porn, I would say… (almost, almost..)

    • C.A.

      I love the thought that some people put into their comments. And I agree with every word. For me she’s neck and neck with Lola Foxx, who has also gotten curvier.

      In related news, check out Mia Malkova’s latest Reality Kings video. Has her bubble butt gotten.. a bit bigger? I’m not sure.

      • Zorken

        I appreciate the feedback. I will check Mia out!

    • RookieTime123

      I agree remy just has that adorable quality about her where you just want to fuck and eat her out. She has been at the top of my list and after gaining some Lbs im just like damn!

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