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  1. Dan

    omg her ass looks so delicious, definately the best pic this year so far! what’s her NAME? anyone????

  2. This guy!

    Hmmm…was my comment deleted?

    • botd

      Nah but my bad, I found it in the spam folder and restored it. WordPress sites get so many spam comments, that I gotta block certain words and phrases. You probably said one of those words.

  3. Marley Don

    Nice, need that in my living room…… stripper pole too

  4. jonh j

    Name please

  5. This guy!

    Wow, i missed this one; and its ironic in that I’ve used photoshop on the models I’ve worked with since the early 2000’s. You, BOTD, correct in all your statments. Unfortunately in western society products have to be enhanced to appeal to the larger mass. However, once a product has established a rapport with a general population, people will still purchase the item even if the item is not PS’d. Now I’m referring to the burgers and some other items etc. When it comes to model photography, its obviously a different beast in the visual department. I remember back in the day (damn I feel old) photographers, models relied on make up, lighting and composition to get that image right or appealing. That in essence was our (photographers etc. Photoshop). When editing software became available, hell, things changed. I remember seeing a copy of Swank (European adult mag…..i think) and the i sincerely thought the front cover was a digital render, but it was waaaaay over done it photoshop. If any of you have read Smooth magazine or Show (yeah, like you reallly “read” tbe articles) the editing crew is NOTORIOUS for using photoshop and light shop to enhance the models. Again, as you said either directly or indirectly, the product has to initially be appealing and fake it to make it. Jada fire, i think that’s her name, huuge ebony booty. Buuut, no pun intended, lumps and cottage cheese. Ive seen her RAW files (unedited) and you’re right, who in their right mind would buy a magazine with lumpy booty. You’d be surprised though. SOME ninjas would. Then again, who buys magazines these days? Yeah, i get it she can phuk, twerk, etc. So forth, so on. But its difficult to find women who are physically appealing minus the surgical augmentations or use of photoshop. “I ain’t photoshopped baby. This is all me.” Riiiiiiggghttt. Someone give me an X-ray machine. End rant.

  6. Bootox

    NICE! Source, please???

    • botd

      Adobe. Teehee. Sorry I’ll show myself out.


        Aw… no way?! whatever still looks good.

        dude… im going to have to start questioning everything i see here now…. lol.

        • botd

          Haha I hearya.

          But here, check this out…

          Actually, this isn’t directed at you cause I don’t wanna sound like I’m debating. You were just joking anyway and I’m the one who brought this up. So this is for everybody. I just needed an excuse and also needed to be in the right state of mind to share this thought I had. Anyway…

          Conduct a little scientific experiment tomorrow or Monday. Take a close look at every image you see on your daily routine. And I mean every single image that’s printed out or is on the web from a legitimate business that’s been in operation for at least a couple of years.

          So yeah… starting with your early morning breakfast cereal, concentrate and ask yourself “Hey if I poured some of this delicious Lucky Charms or whatevs cereal into my bowl, and then took a picture myself, would it look anywhere EVEN CLOSE to the way it looks on this cereal box right here?” You have to think about it tho and ask yourself that, because nobody ever gives it a second thought (probably because they don’t see the originals). Every marshmallow or flake is “fake.” And the way the milk splashes, and that one single milk drop up in the air? Yeah that’s not real either. Even the fruit has been enhanced to appear more yummy. Then there’s also, the spoon, the table, and everything else in the background that wasn’t in the original photo but has been inserted or maybe even drawn there.

          (Edit: Shit now I’m thinking that nowadays there probably never even is an “original photo” of most products. Instead, it’s probably just artwork that somebody created from top to bottom. Doesn’t matter, my point still stands and is probably even stronger now. What was my point again?)

          But don’t stop there. Look at every product, every advertisement, look around in every store you go to, at lunch time take a close look at the menu items, and you don’t even have to go to a newstand and analyze the model magazines (but I swear to God you wouldn’t even recognize some of those models if you saw them in real life). Just pick up any magazine, brochure or whatever. None of those images are “real.”

          —- Anything below here is not important. Just concentrate on doing the experiment above and don’t get sidetracked by the bullshit below. —-
          And the reason every image from any business is Photoshopped is because… Well let’s say Mcdonalds took regular pics of their food and then just … BAM … put it up on their menus and their ads without Photoshopping the shit out of it first, but Burger King fixed up all their photos to make them look more appetizing. Well then Mcdonalds would go out of business real quick. Who knows, maybe some businesses or modeling companies never did use Photoshop, but they’re not around anymore to tell us about it.

          So since this site is about eye candy and fap material, these posts have to be sweeter and more fapworthy than other sites.

          If you’re like, who cares about all these facts because none of that matters to me, then let me address the two main objections to the Photoshop use.

          First one is, some of you might have a difficult time using the pics for, you know, masturbating, because in the back of your mind, you think or know they’ve been altered by some asshole. I understand that. That’s a valid reason. But I know it doesn’t apply to everybody because personally I have no problem taking care of business with the pics. Also, Imagination Mothafuckas, Do You Use It?

          Second one is, you might be upset because a PSed pic means when you look for more stuff from that girl, you end up disappointed, maybe even devastated. I understand that too, and that’s also a valid reason, but please please please somebody tell me what other site similar to mine provides you with more links and information so that you can go find additional extra material later? Actually don’t even waste your time trying to answer that. It’s a trick question because there is none.

          • Bootox

            Botd, I agree with your way of work. I tell you, i’m here because I want to see big butts and pretty women. But I like how people here (you and the community) share info and most of the time opinions about your preferences. The ones that “say” that don’t like altered pics have to think twice before complain about it. If you watch the movies of the pornstars presented here you like also altered content, because those girls are not nearly atractive in real life as they are in movies.

  7. iheartbutts

    that is quite the perfect butt….

  8. janka


  9. bigl

    Whats her name

  10. iceman8069

    Perfect ass man…mm mm mm!

    • iheartbutts

      i agree….

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