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  1. ilovemesomebooty

    Definitely smash. But seriously fuck that guy in the gif. He constantly talks like a jackass and won’t shut up during the action. I cringe everytime this guy fucks up a great scene.

    • ilovemesomebooty

      @ caride

      Thank you, brother. I was running out of material, but now i have a platora of new content.

  2. Poohbia

    I’d smash

  3. Thick_Curvy_Lover

    I’d definitely smash!!!

    Btw she has other scenes from way back in the day. She used to go by Riley Knight.

  4. dirk


  5. bootox

    Hmmmmmmnnnnn…….ok. Smashable.

  6. Bootyman96

    Smash like crazy.

  7. Gallo216

    You guys think she is related to Valerie kayy?

    • Gensuuu

      I was thinking the same. She has the same face features, a fat ass, and carry the name kay.

    • DG

      no, porn girls just have repetitive last names. foxxx, foxx, roxxx,

    • that dude

      im with you brah.. she looks like her sister low key

  8. heroin
  9. Athr

    Anyone else can’t stand that ‘Jmac’ goof?

    • naughtynuff4u

      Nope. This dude is such an asshole. He’s very offensive when he talks. he probably thinks that he’ll be blacker than he is if he acts the racial stereotypical black dude, and yet he wants to act like a nigga but don’t want to be black. (That’s okay i’m black so i’m allowed to use the word ‘nigga’.)

      • BootyFreak

        No you are not. Just because you’re black it doesn’t give you a free pass to use that word. Don’t get caught up in that.

        • Naughtynuff4u

          Yeah you are right. That wasn’t true.

          • BootyFreak

            Right on broham!

        • Pete

          Right on brotha….we shouldn’t be using that word at all

      • Athr

        Ya I actually don’t know since I can’t watch anything with him or his disgusting penis in it. But then that applies to like half of all adult scenes that have men. Call me crazy but I find stupid-looking ugly hairy naked dudes disgusting.

      • NerdKiller

        Both of you nerds are wrong. He’s a Miami hood dude. Born and raised. Just because your white don’t mean you aint from the hood. He’s a cuban hood rat

    • C.A.

      I saw him once at a gas station in Miami Gardens. He might have had bitches in the car.

      In other news, I think I saw Miss Raquel at a supermarket in Miami Lakes. She might have been with her daughter.

      Oh! How do I feel about him? The sport-fucking is a bit much.

  10. BootyFreak

    That’s ass that must be smashed!

  11. Pete

    Simple and easy, SMASH

  12. Douche Baggins

    Aye captain, that’d be a smash! Not too skinny, attractive enough…

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