22 Responses to Katt_Leya Queen Katie Instagram Videos

  1. bootox

    I think it’s fake, but it’s a nice fake ass. Would hit that hard!

  2. gphi

    Although I agree that her butt is most likely fake, check this out: https://vimeo.com/149234936 PEACE!!!

    • bootox

      Nice! I think the same, but this ass deserve punishment!

  3. realreal

    if that’s fake i don’t care, it looks tasty

  4. johnsonmyjohnson

    looks real to me. seen certified real more bubbly than this before. dont be so cynical

  5. Todd_Harris

    Is there sound cause I’m trying to watch but don’t want my aunt to hear I’m trying to warm up & try to fuck her fine ass

  6. Electriwizard

    Very nice!! Fake or not. Who am I, to say no, to this cutie?

  7. Ilovemesomebooty

    No way! Is the first gif from Katt_leyla?!

    I’ve been trying to uncover who that booty belongs to for such a long time. Katt leyla is one hell of a thick mamacita. I would tap that ass until new years eve and then go for another round. I don’t care if her ass is fake. If it is fake, her plastic surgents or fat transplant has been beautifuly sculpted. I’ve seen worse cases such as “persian baddie”. Now that is the definition of fake!

  8. Pete

    1st booty (or maybe 2nd) I’ll have to pass on….fake or not, she just doesn’t do it for me

  9. beeps!

    I’m more inclined to believe she’s real than anything after looking at her; even though it has no bearings either, but especially cause she’s black haha. Still could be fake, but I seen thicker girls that were real, too!

  10. Reemo

    After looking at her IG, I just think she’s blessed. If it is fake, it looks really good and I will smash with no hesitation.

  11. basik914@gmail.com

    I think shes on backpage here in NY!!! Sorry for the slander if thats not you ma! lol

  12. mondotoken

    It’s one of the BEST FAKE BUTTS I’ve seen in a long time and a top notch job. Everything looks balanced …. Yeah, I’d BEAT IT UP FIERCE!!

    P.S. Appreciate the care and attention to detail that went into making this perfect looking ass!!

  13. MonyLuv

    When through her instagram. That bitch is official !!!!!

  14. MonyLuv

    OMG BOTD. This might be in my top 5!!! Def top 3. Fake or not!!!! Thx bro

  15. MEH

    Only problem I see, is she keep showing her face in all of her Instagram pics. What a boner eraser. I also agree with the fat transfer statement.

  16. Realestlouiv

    Nah I’d bet it isn’t fake, depending on what you define as fake. Most I see here is fat transfer, maybe.

  17. blackfrost31

    this is great but just wondering BOTD, with so much hype on star wars, do we get any star wars booty?

  18. Dreighen

    Nvm, just checked out her instagram, it is fake – damn, still look good tho.

  19. Dreighen

    I actually don’t think it’s fake, I can usually spot the fake ones (because i hate them so) a mile away. Hers might be authentic lol

  20. iceman8069

    I’d hit it every morning ,noon and night!

  21. Poohbia

    Looks suspect but yeah id hit it

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