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    • 100 cm lover

      She actually loved that he did that in the video. You can see she loved the taste of his cock. Once she was starting suck upside down, her eyes were dead. Lesson to be learned, be aggressive but keep it simple.

  1. jay

    Whats her name ?

  2. boom

    I do that to my chick all the time

  3. rpclennon


  4. redshadow

    BOTD, i love your site and pics. i’m here everyday and even have it on my droid as a bookmark. keep it up and don’t let people like Chris get you out of your element. Remember, people who argue over the internet is like winning the special Olympus; no matter who wins, you are still a retard.
    now put some more of Jessica Minxx up lol

  5. D-man

    F*ck Chris i bet he’ll be back looking at the site 2ma

  6. Enigmaess

    Chris please don’t bring that stuff here, this is funny….your sounding like a Sunday school boy…please let’s get back to the buns! And BOTD perfect answer thank you

  7. BAOTD


    • botd

      I would answer you, but since your name is BAOTD, either you’re trying to make fun of us, or you stole our idea and set up your own site called Big Ass of the Day. So no.

      • jojorapazcomsede

        Cmon guys i looking for it like a maniac here just the name???

        • botd

          Jojo, ask Chris. He think he knows everything. He’ll read our minds and tell you.

        • botd

          Click the link I posted all the way above. If nobody mentions her name there, then I don’t know.

  8. botd

    I am of the firm belief that there are two types of people in this comment section. The people that take this shit seriously because this is how they really view women, and the people like the rest of us that take this as a funny, silly joke because we see that it’s completely off the wall and ridiculous.

  9. botd

    Chris, maybe you should talk to Derek. You guys were made for each other. Two people with extreme views that fall on opposite ends.

  10. Derek da Long

    I would love to try this in public. Some hoes don’t know when to shut the phuck up. “Stick your cock in that hoe”

  11. Chris

    I am of the firm belief there are two types of guys in porn. Those who love women, and those that hate them. Sad to see we are so glib about the indiscriminate use and disrespect of women. I guess we know of which group we belong.

    • botd

      Actually the reason this is so funny is because it’s the complete opposite of what respectful guys like us stand for.

      It’s kinda like playing GTA and mercilessly running over every last pedestrian you see. Because obviously in real life, we’d let them live. Ya feel me?

      • Spungn

        That’s pretty much it dood….is Chris a woman??? Seems like!!

    • botd

      Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough. Lemme try again.

      It’s like playing COD and violently shooting up the whole airport. Nahmean?

      • Chris

        The difference, is this is an actual person. And you, and your commentors, are talking about using this brilliant technique on actual people.

        Yes, a silly joke. Misogynistic jokes, that you ask for, definately don’t add to the negative perceptions of ‘dumb bitches that need a cock shoved in their mouth’.

        I’m sure your disrespect, of people not video game characters, definitely show how much you care about women.

        If you think that making light of Using Human Beings is funny, then I think you might not be fully examining the situation.

        • botd

          On the contrary Chris, here, let’s examine the situation. How do you think this video was made? Do you think a bunch of guys got together and said, “Hey let’s kidnap this girl and force her to make a video that ‘disrespects’ women”? Not at all. Some guys AND girls got together and said, “hey let’s make a video that’s so crazy that it’ll be hilarious for anybody that watches it. And you know what, let’s try to make it so silly that no sane, intelligent person could possibly misinterpret it and twist and turn what it means.”

          The real difference is I’m the type of person that knows that this is a joke. You’re the type of person that goes to a Chris Rock stand up comedy show and calls him a racist because you don’t understand comedy or how life works in general.

        • Derek da Long

          Stop idolizing women you’ll get laid more. Readen your comments and scrachen my balls boyo.

    • DemiGod

      Chris, with all do respect, I think you need a reality check. Just open your ears as you go about your regular routine and I promise you will hear women disrespecting men daily. Turn on your television and look at the commercials that depict men as worthless fools who are “fortunate” to have woman around to save the day. Go to the “National Organization for Women” to get a taste of the man-hatred right at the source!

      I could just puke everytime I witness a dude pandering to women. I respect the women who know how to show respect for men. There are women who really preach and believe the garbage heard in the clip. I think a d***k in the mouth is the perfect remedy even as I would never consider attempting such a thing to any human being.

      • DemiGod

        correction…scratch “do” respect….lol “due” respect is what I meant. hmmm so that’s what microsoft Word is for….

  12. botd

    Okay lemme stop. Anybody else wanna make some misognynstic jokes, feel free.

  13. botd

    Some respect coming in 3, 2….

  14. botd

    Oh you want some respect huh. Hereya go.

  15. LOL

    Link to full video?

  16. Bee

    Lol that’s hilarious!!!

    • DemiGod

      Hell yes! The cure for every man hater on the planet. Well done!

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