9 Responses to Lulu Pretel Phat Ass Walking

  1. BSD

    Friends –

    When I first saw this scene a couple of years ago, I was stunned by this chick. She was gorgeous. And that body made my mouth water. I prayed she would have a big porn career. But she never did. At least not in America. This is the only scene I’ve ever seen from her. God, that body is bangin’.


  2. poohbia

    This chick can get it

  3. davefox89

    seen this awhile back… spanish is a fucking big turn on..

  4. yoyo

    rofl, nacho vidal is so weird, with his directing style.
    you either hate it or love it. the guy is nutts though, love it.

  5. blackfrost

    lol tan lines

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