Proxy Paige Shaking Walking and Stripping


Gifs and videos of pink-haired, big assed porn alt girl Proxy Paige.

Warning: Only press the video clip button if you’re into anal activities. By anal I really mean anal, like extreme anal.

21 Responses to Proxy Paige Shaking Walking and Stripping

  1. stevemurphy

    Her ass has grown considerably from when she first entered the business.

  2. HornyXpeople

    So bomb I been following her for a long time

  3. Jordan77

    absolutely right fellas, for me personally i really enjoy the small intro’s that adriano does with the girls how he admires their asses and what not. He actually gets some half decent shots with them walking around, and standing etc etc. But as soon as the gape scenery start’s to happen I’ve disappeared like a black kids father

    • Zorken

      LOOOOL Exactly!

  4. Zorken

    Oh man, time for some rant… I fucking hate this faggot (Mike Adriano), his videos always have the same disgusting shit… Well, I’m gonna give him some credit and say that he always works with the finest ass bitches in the biz… But man, all his videos must feature some gross gay stuff like him eating his own jizz from the actresses mouth, or he asking them to lick his asshole or the extreme disgusting anal gape he always does with the bitches… I really don’t know how can they enjoy working with him… but oh well, people make their choices…

    • BSD

      ZORKEN –

      I do not care for Adriano’s vision and shooting style either. I do not like POV. I do not like porn shot mostly in fisheye or in closeup from two inches away. I do not like gaping assholes as the primary objective of the scene. And I do not like prolapsed, turned inside out, rectums. Normally, I would not give a shit what he does since it’s not my cup of tea. I’d just ignore it and go on about my business.

      The problem, and the frustrating part for me, is that he features a lot of big booty porn actresses that I REALLY like, and he does present them beautifully. The women LOOK dazzling in his scenes, and the production is always top notch.

      But then the action starts and I’m gone. That was the first few times. Now I don’t even bother. It ain’t for me.


      • newt

        Just came for that booty walk only, nothing more.. the other actions are a little too hardcore for me. ^^”

      • Zorken

        BSD, that’sounds exactly how I feel… to hell with all those prolapses… And I feel the same way about the hot chicks in his videos.. I’m like “Hey look, I just found this new scene with this hot girl I like -oh wait I’ve seen what goes in that living room before… nevermind”.

  5. Ilovemesomebooty

    Hmmm. I first got to see her during gloryholeswallow. I wish she would get penetrated in the pussy. Such a waste. I’m not too much of a fan for Anal. Great ass, though.

  6. blackfrost

    she is gorgeous and have a great ass but why do all girls with nice ass like to do anal? i mean they all dont but a large amount of them do. just not my thing but she still looks great!!

  7. Top dawg


  8. BigAssVoyeur

    Sorry for the non-highlighted link. Here’s the link again (

    • GsNC

      Sadie West, she did a run of IR at the end of her career

  9. BigAssVoyeur

    BOTD, anyone, pls can you ID the girl in this gif (
    emtaVy1RbHhnOTA). The guy’s Rico Strong, but I really need to know the girl and scene (did an IAFD search of Rico’s female partners, but y’all know how iffy those profile pics are). Thanks.

  10. Pete

    You fellas kill me with the “her face isn’t blah blah blah”, comments

  11. Maxwell

    her face is a crime but dat ass gets the pardon nomsayin.

    • BigAssVoyeur

      Now, that’s simply not true! Her face rocks.

  12. iceman8069

    I’d break my dick off in her

  13. beardo


    For some reason my sound never works on mobile when you post the clips or loops.

    • botd

      Not sure exactly what you mean, but the video loops I post on this site don’t have sound.

      • beardo

        I just assumed they did and something was effed up on my end. Thanks

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