38 Responses to Alexis Texas Walking Poolside

  1. GDUB

    It’s to bad that she doesn’t do black men,you always try something once.

  2. Gdub

    Alexis Texas is not the only racist don’t forget Rachel Starr.

  3. BJ

    Alexis Texas has hands down the best ass in porn. If I could live inside those ass cheeks I would. Every time I see that ass it’s a ddddamn!!

  4. Greg

    Putting on a buddah belly I see

  5. HornyXpeople

    God bless that booty

  6. Goldy

    The best asses in porn history are Naomi Russell, Cherokee D’ass, Pinky, Mya G, Darlene – Brazil, Luana Alves – Brazil, and Brenda Werner – Brazil. Alexis is fly, but she is overrated.

    • KingJ

      No Kelly Divine, Saray Jay, or Ava Rose bro???

    • Yup

      Joyce Oliveira – Brazil

      Nuff said

  7. Mg

    Fuck that racist bitch. She sure bloated up. With that big belly she must have eaten a long horn.

    • botd

      I guess that means you’re a homophobe cause you don’t fuck guys? And I don’t know if you’re looking at the same thing I am, but that body looks good as hell now.

      • naughtynuff4u

        good fuckin’ point.

    • Pete

      I seem to recall you same fools who used to call Siri a “racist bitch”, no matter how many times she explained she had her reasons and wanted to do it on HER time !! How about this, you “kids” get off the internet and stop believing everything you read. Unless you know her personally, you guys sound like idiots making that statement

  8. Pete

    Always had a thing for her ass but now that she put on some weight, oh FUCK yeah !

    • naughtynuff4u

      you have a “thing” for her alright lol.

      • Pete

        Hahahaha you would be correct

  9. beardo

    Who cares if she does or doesn’t want to? Its her choice.

  10. Shysti

    She claimed her man, who does porn himself said he wouldn’t allow it. lol. But when she first came out she was at this weight and looked great, she then got skinny and is now back to the weight she was in the beginning. I’d still fuck her.

  11. A-aron

    cuz she knows we’ll reck that ass she can’t handle us haha!

  12. beardo

    Agreed on the booty walks. Always nice.

    What is the keyboard commando going on about? No one was being racist, and no one was dogging her for gaining weight. She still looks good.

    • simneo

      He’s talking about the fact that she explicitly does do black male pornstars. She came out and said it herself.

      • simneo


      • poohbia

        This is the main reason why I was never into her

      • Pete

        Because her husband AT THE TIME wouldn’t allow her to. You guys seem to always skip over that part…..I can see if she came out and said, “I hate ni**ers”, only then would you guys have a point. But she said she doesn’t do brothas on camera…again, had her reasons. That’s a HUGE jump from being racist….

  13. newt

    Love it. Booty walks are the best. Thanks for this post.

    Came across one by Jada before, some scene she’s walking in a tunnel or something full of graffiti walls. Can’t remember the clip so unable to find it now.

  14. StrongestNiggaEver

    Fuck that racist bitch. Stop gassing that buttaface because she gained weight.

    • Maxwell

      Not having sex with black guys on camera makes her racist c’mon dawg that’s ridiculous.

    • iceman8069

      My dude..she’s the furthest thing from a butterface…there are many more far less attractive women in porn than her..she actually is one of the prettier women..I’m not saying she is the most gorgeous pornstar…but absolutely the farthest from a butterface…and she’s not racist because she hasn’t shot a scene with brothers..Mr Pete,her ex husband didn’t want her shooting scenes with black guys,he allowed her to film with black chicks and that was the extent of it..he’s a douchebag and a prick anyway and I refuse to watch a scene if he’s in it,no matter how hot the chick is..I can’t stand that cunt nugget!..I’m sure we’ll see her getting hammered by a brother in due time…but it’s on her time,not ours homie

    • ceophillipbenjamin

      She’s not racist Her boyfriend is black. whom she’s is living with. she just doesn’t do black guys on film because her ex husband didn’t want her to sex with black males

  15. realreal

    she finally gained some weight! Damnn, look at those hips, dem legs and dat ass… Jesus fucking christ

    • BigAssVoyeur

      … as well as some cellulite! Why do people hate cellulite so much? I don’t like taut asses (no matter how big) a la Monica Santhiago: yuck! Let some slack show: (a little) cellulite rocks!

      • realreal

        i like them too, they’re natural anyway

  16. beardo

    Is it just me or has she gained weight? Still would.

    • botd

      Well honestly, the first one is stretched out a tiny tiny bit. But yeah, she did gain weight though. It looks juicier.

      • KingJ

        I like her a lot more with the weight on her, she’s looker thicker like Ava Rose in her prime.

  17. Darkaholic

    Best ass in history.

  18. iceman8069

    Still one of the top asses! And I would still bust that ass! Mmmmm..face down ass up and I’d be growling and dam near biting my lip off as I pound her mercilessly ! Sorry but some of these fat booty,fine ass chick’s bring out my primal rage! Hahahaha!

    • boricua68

      she is half puerto rican bro, that explain the ass.

      • iceman8069

        Oh I know this

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