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  1. Couldn't think of anything else
  2. Electriwizard

    It looks like this girl has a lot of fans. Dont forget the brazilian asses. They have blonde, brunettes and ebony. Some of the roundest and juciest asses, in the world. Variety, for a change…. please?

  3. jazo85

    I have never seen so many whites and asians on a booty blog. Extreme lack of color here.

    • botd

      Oh nos, this site is being attacked by SJWs. Haha. Leave that bullshit over there on Tumblr.

    • yabajaba

      Prob cause black women have a big booty by default and you can look up a million of them on google. Pornstars excluded, it’s somethin else when you find a white/asian girl with a huge ass.

      • xmanthegemini


  4. BigAssVoyeur

    BigAssVoyeur’s Porn Chick Classification:

    1. Two-strokes/dirt bikes: these are the skinny petite ones. And like your 2-stroke, they often make up for their lack of mass (weight) with their ferocity (rpm) and sheer determination to take on the biggest dongs. Never underestimate them! Example: Jennifer White.

    2. The heavy diesels/SUV’s: these have size and mass (ass’n’tits), take a while to get warmed up, run slower (bounce on the dick slower due to greater inertia/butts/tits), but absolutely smother the dick with their sheer power. My favourite! Example: Alexis Texas.

    4. The 18-wheelers: BBW territory/Cellulite power. Smash as hard as you want, but who ever won a collision contest with a Mack truck? Example: Karla Lane.

    â“’BigAssVoyeur (This classification is provisional; BigAssVoyeur reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice or incurring any obligation!).

  5. Bootylover5000
    • Booty4life

      I’ve been trying to find out who that chick is but no luck.

  6. cjay

    She looks dam sexy and is back to her early pawg satus love it..lost interest when she lost all that weight, glad she looks healthy and thick again hope she does more videos with this weight mmm mmm mm ..

  7. nate

    nevermind, i just saw the video link =) i couldnt pay too much attention since my supervisor was standing almost right next to me when i clicked real quick on this

  8. Maxwell

    In b4 ppl start complaining about her not banging black guys on film, keyword film.

    • Pete


      Speak on it bro !! People kill me with the “she’s racist” because she hasn’t fucked a brotha on film…..idiotic people

    • desert

      the fact that she thinks so little of another race that she refuses to work with them screams racist to me, if she was in any other industry and refused to work with black people, everyone would call her racist…

  9. nate

    any idea where this gif came from? i assume there is a fuck scene after this part, right?? there’s has to be!!!
    share the link guys xD

  10. DG

    best asshole in the game

  11. naughtynuff4u

    it’s not my birthday and this is the best GIF that i ever gotten.

  12. iceman8069

    I’d put my face in it then pound her out and not pull out!! Or pull out and blast down her throat just watching her pretty face as she swallows every drop! Wooo!

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