Miss Alice Snowboarder Booty


Here’s the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Mazzaratie Monica I posted a few days ago. Smash or pass? Better yet, here’s a multiple choice…

  1. I’d rather a fit chick like this. BBWs are too big for me.
  2. I prefer a phat super thick chick like Mazzaratie. This chick is too tight.
  3. I don’t discriminate. Sometimes I like them fit and slim, sometimes I like them phat and jiggly, depending on my mood.
  4. Neither. I like them somewhere in the middle in the Goldilocks zone, not too fit, not too phat.

via @MissAlice_94 and myfreecams.com/MissAlice_94

35 Responses to Miss Alice Snowboarder Booty

  1. GreenEggsAndHam

    Straight guy here with his mind made up, I choose C and D

    ——> Choice C: like it reads it depend on my mood
    Choice D: As it reads I don’t mind if there a little fit, but not to phat

    Reason why I didn’t choose A is because every fit girl is not that attractive to me nor has a body worth looking at because they tend to look to masculine, I’m not saying all of them, but some of them do.

    Reason why I didn’t choose B is because I have a weight limit if I cant lift the girl, and im pretty strong mind you, I don’t think it would work with me

  2. Dubs

    C indeed

  3. Apru

    A and D, but mostly A.

  4. EnglishMaster

    You guys voting “C” hit me like bisexuals – you can’t make up your minds?? (Or are you just that DESPERATE?)

    Like a guy mentioned before – there’s no need to be diplomatic on this one – I vote D.

    The reasoning: On the “A” side of the scale, chicks may have the ASS, but very rarely have the TITS. Although I’m an ass man, I sincerely enjoy BOTH. On the B side, it’s too easy for a chick to be SLOPPY fat, and that’s just disgusting (If you shake that ass and your BELLY shakes along with it, get the fuck out.)!

    Either way, a sacred THIRD criteria I have generally thins the pool even FURTHER: HEIGHT. It doesn’t take much for some short-ass chick to get THICK. That’s no special feat. But if you’re 5’10” or taller, I WILL lock that ass down! >:)

  5. ArmchairHandjob

    C is the more diplomatic answer.

  6. Yolodrol

    I’m going to have to go with A, I love this site and I enjoy big asses, but I don’t enjoy cellulite or fat bellies, also if a girl weighes more than you that’s a problem, mazarattie is pushing 200 lbs maybe more, no thanks on that. I’ll take this fit petite chick all day err day

  7. Troublemaker

    I’m a C man. As long as she got da booty, everything else is a moot point.

  8. Bee

    100% C!!! I love them all!

  9. Onx

    C depends on the woman

  10. poohbia

    I love from butter pecan to black berry molass,
    I dont discriminate, I regulate every shade of the ass,

  11. Nino

    A) all day. Phat asses are great and this site is amazing but there is nothing like a sexy tattooed up crossfit chick! Fit chicks asses put the flabby watery asses to shame! Eva Andressa Brazilian fitness model is a perfect example! This site would make my day with a crossfit ass tribute!!

  12. butts r cool

    I’d like to think I don’t discriminate and I generally love this site but mazzi was too thick. Guess I prefer them a bit on fitter side?

  13. User 1

    C- as long as she’s female she’s OK with me

  14. brent

    I gotta go with c, bbws are amazing

  15. shaed

    gonna go with A here, fit does not mean stick legs, it implies there is muscle there and that’s enough for me.

  16. decade666

    C i like em both but i prefer jiggly more then fit!

  17. reservoir dog
  18. jmizzle

    Definitely c don’t hate, and don’t discriminate.

  19. veyron89

    for me C

  20. hambone43

    I’m C….I don’t discriminate as long as the booty is nice, I’m knocking it out of the park!

  21. pizdec

    ALways C

  22. ADl

    D) As long as the tits and ass stick out more than the belly!

  23. Mash

    For me, C all the time. But i prefer with more curves anymay

  24. Common man

    Common now… be real… You see Shakira and Adele walking down the street. Who you hitting on? Tell me. Common now… Be real. This is the internet man, ya’ll don’t gotta pretend to be nice… I already know ya not nice being on sites like dis! LOL. I respect all women too, but god stop the fakeness man. Common man?

    • botd

      It’s not a choice. The question isn’t who do you choose, it’s who you’re attracted to. You have no choice.

      And mentioning Adele is a strawman. She doesn’t have the ratio.

      • Funkyship

        Lol. Called you out on your fallacious reasoning bo! Me personally, I’d hit on Adele first. Betting on wetting.

    • blackfrost

      seriously if you saw my facebook i have a few close friends with bodies like this who have tried getting at me but they are really a turn off for me. would i have a one night stand with them, yes but that’s it and i have to be really needy for that to happen to. one night and it’s done. people like Mazzaratie Monica i would want over and over again. it’s all about what attracts you and keeps your dick hard in the end.

  25. realreal

    i like them both

  26. Satanas

    I love all God’s children. I gotta go with fucking C.

  27. BSD

    Friends –

    “B” for me. To each his own. I am not interested in this chick. Can’t do skinny, stick pin, legs. Not interested. I don’t want obese, or fat and extremely sloppy, but I need thicker than this. i Like GROWN ASS WOMEN that ain’t necessarily perfect.

    Get her a couple of sandwiches.

    I DO RESPECT anybody who works hard to stay healthy, look better, or feel better about themselves, but my personal taste runs to more voluptuous female bodies.


    • blackfrost

      i am right along with you man. i’m not a big guy and bone on bone hurts. i love girls like Mazzaratie Monica and Felicia clover and jessie minxx

  28. Spungn

    Ya…I’m DEFINATELY C! I do NOT discriminate!!! I’ll smash almost anything wid a heartbeat!!!

  29. Vez

    Hard C on this one.

  30. Bootyman96

    Alright Miss Alice! I smash and go for C. Alice is Awesome

  31. Fam

    I’m going with C on this. I swing back and forth.

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