I always thought that she either had implants, or that she was transgender. But it turns out it’s implants.

Anyway, you know I always try to provide only the big ones, so if you’re trying to take care of business, don’t look at the last one.

11 Responses to Elnaz

  1. Phoenix

    Beyond beautiful ❤️❤️❤️!

  2. Luthor_Wyatt

    …but the face though.

  3. Terrence

    Nice and plump

  4. blerb

    i wanna shake that plastic surgeons hand.

  5. Neto

    I’m guessing the breast are fake as well, ehh but yup I’m on the same boat definitely won’t stop me from fucking the living day lights out of her.

  6. dude

    she kinda looks like an ethic Lady GaGa

  7. Bootylover88

    Dont care about the implants, 12 / 10 would hit.

  8. David

    Wait so is SHE really a DUDE?

    • botd

      No, I was wrong about that, but right about the implants. I should rewrite that to make it clearer.

  9. KingJames

    Honestly, I don’t care a fuck if she has ass implants or not. She is perfect as she is now and that’s important.

    • botd

      True. It’s not like implants or Photoshop will stop you from rubbing one out.

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