11 Responses to Costa Rican Hellen Mena on the Runway

  1. Ronald Tucker

    Dr. Hellen Mena walks the catwalk with a confident stride that belies her other assets until she turns and reveals her voluptuous derriere. Technically speaking the Panniculus Adiposus of the buttocks is very well developed in this area, and gives the buttock its characteristic rounded shape. The degree of body fat stored in various locations such as the Panniculus is dictated by genetic and harmonal profiles. In other words, Dr. Mena has a pretty phatt ass.

  2. NegroPingudo

    100% Tica

  3. DC

    OMG, that azz!!

  4. dannt

    Amazing post!

  5. scum666


  6. cutter

    Man, I was waiting for the turn around to see that amazing ass lol!!! Your playing with my emotions BOTD. Grrrrr

  7. Yolodrol

    What a fine ass Latina, makes me wanna go to Latin America!

  8. bana

    loook at the old guy taking a picture of her ass.. when i grow up i wanna be just like him

    • Asslova

      No kidding mate he’s the guy we all should look into. But girl is bad.

  9. $#@D¥no1


  10. Janos

    Prefer Hellen Mena on my cock! but ok on the runway it is.

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