Big Booty Asian Reddit Girl

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  1. Hentai Jose

    Very likely an unpopular opinion here.

    I subbed to her onlyfans once and, to be honest, I prefer the skimpy clothes than when she’s totally naked. It’s weird I know. I don’t usually have a preference like that, not sure why.

    But her proportions are asstronomical 😉

    • botd

      I know what you mean. Most of the time I prefer super skimpy clothes (and teasing) to full on nudity (and banging).

  2. Aaron m

    I have never been much of Asians but her butt is so sexy!
    Been into thick Asians lately.

  3. Yabajaba

    Goddamn, those proportions. Prime example of why I’ll always say it’s all about the ratio, not the size. That being said, I’m so jaded by how easily one can edit photos & how common surgery is that part of my brain sees her is wondering is she’s 100% natural. Her face looks a lil fake in some of those posts, unsurprising as asians who value beauty seem to be incredibly self-conscious of their facial features. She looks like a fuckin CGI character in some of her pics lol.

    Seeing the booty in motion at least validates the authenticity of it. Tbh though I wish 100% raw photos were more popular among these girls; I feel like there was a point in the older days of porn where there was a lot more women that’d post completely unfiltered pics.

    Idk if they realize that cellulite/etc flaws are hot af. When they look totally airbrushed in photoshop, my brain starts to process is as fake & I get sidetracked wondering what part of them is real or not; it’s crazy how some of these girls will edit some of the smallest details.

    • botd

      Welcome back and I agree. Also I hate when they put too much makeup on too, for example shoppingbagsara.

    • BigAssVoyeur

      Amen to cellulite!

  4. Lboogie

    You are a man’s desire and a woman’s dream

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