9 Responses to Phat Booty UK Model

  1. JQB

    MY kinda model for sure…

  2. Realreal21

    Oh and btw Google nixlynka, I’m going crazy for her lately

  3. Realreal21

    Even if she isn’t Indian, I recently discovered that lots of their girls have amazing thick bodies, kinda like Latinas. Thanks Vishnu they’re dressing as westerners now.

    • botd

      True, wish India had a porn industry like Japan does. But yeah a lot of Indian girls in the West are mad thick.

      • Realreal21

        Yeah! Botd you’re a New Yorker lol. Also what’s the name of this girl?

        • botd

          Haha, true.

          Was waiting for somebody to ask. It’s Charlotte Springer. I try not to put girls’ names in the main post anymore because they do a Google search and get their stuff taken down. Doesn’t seem like words from the comment section come up in Google searches though.

  4. Frank

    Yeah maybe middle eastern of some sort. Either way, hot af and would IMPREG lol

  5. Suresh

    She looks lovely. Not sure whether she is really of Indian origin.

    • botd

      Yeah you’re probably right. Not sure why I thought that.

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