26 Responses to Junk in them Jeans

  1. Joseph Cole

    Dam right look at it

  2. IAn

    Who is this ?

  3. SugarMan

    Fake or not. Straight gorilla, doggie style smash!

  4. Pete

    Fake booty or not, here’s for my booty brothas


  5. J DiLLa


    That her before the injections? Looks better imo. Though either way DAAAAYYYUMMM

  6. Tacamo

    This is obviously fake. I’m not talking ass injection fake, but straight amateur photoshopping. I love phat asses, but this is just retarded.

    • botd

      Either somebody with lots of time Photoshopped every last pic on her Instagram, or she got ass injections like almost every other girl gets nowadays. Check the link from the random guy walking through.

      The third option is she got good genes, pun intended, but nobody believes that.

  7. GrandMasterAss

    Ass injections messing up the game smh

  8. yoyo

    it’s a shame cause I really like thighs too, and when girls have a big combination of big ass + thin (as opposed to thick) thighs like that, its a turn as I don’t find it proportionate.

  9. MrNet

    Look like she got some ass shots from the Dominican Republic.

    • MrNet

      I mean she’s cool, but I prefer authentic booty.

  10. Random guy walking through

    ill just leave this here http://instagram.com/_stephs0obad

    • marco

      god bless you

      • Random guy walking through

        giving back to the community of big butt lovers my friend

    • IAn

      Do you her new one cause this link isn’t working

  11. uhhhh

    this is gross and fake… sorry

  12. Geo

    God damn… Im spechless!

  13. Donnie Darko

    i seen a chick with ass just like her in target last week. but i couldn’t get a creepshot cause i was with my girl

    • That_dude

      Damn man I feel your pain lol

  14. anon

    her name is Stephanie Santiago

    • Pete

      That is not Stephanie Santiago my man……

  15. Bootyman96

    Shit! That’s huge!

  16. Jason

    OMFG!!!!! Does she have a Twitter? & I would love for her to sit on my face!!!!

    • botd

      I think she used to be @stephsbad … but can’t find it on Twitter or Instagram anymore.

  17. scum666

    That’s too much ass……sorry

  18. Rev

    I would to be those jeans

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