32 Responses to Thick Asians in One Pieces – Part 2

  1. Thx

    Number 2 pls !

  2. Anonymous

    What’t the name of the first?

  3. yamamoto

    Can I have link or name of the sixth? The one posted above doesnt work….

  4. schmoe

    Found a reiko video, part of the soapy one, not the one clipped here.


    The site seems to have a good amount if you search by first name of the model, not full.

    Whoever’s running this site here, though, posts the best stuff.

  5. Jackson

    Top right girl looks absolutely delicious, anybody know the video for that one?

  6. ButtHead

    Forgot to include the link, lol.


    • thedudeman

      probably a fake site to get your money for signing up

  7. ButtHead

    This site SEEMS to have a lot of those MAGURO videos, but apparently you need a premium membership to freakin filemates.com, the filesharing website, in order to download them. Why would someone pull a jerk move like that?

    Anyone with a membership there care to help the rest of us out? PLEASE?!

  8. Asianlover

    Think I just wet myself

  9. asdf

    most of these are from the company called “まぐろ物産” (MAGURO), if not all.
    it’s official blog is here:

  10. Eh

    Could I please get any information, link or video for the last one? #8? I would go through a lot of trouble to get that. Amazing!

  11. botd

    Here’s a sample video of the fourth one. Her name is Reiko Nakamori. You can either purchase it from the site if you read Japanese, or Google search the title. Hyperedge QDN-16


    • cryx


  12. cryx

    Which one is the fourth? Goddammit it’s hot! Preferably the name of the clip/movie.

  13. Mikey

    I’d do anything to have that fourth one =/ a link to the video would be amazing!

  14. Anonymous

    The 7th girl is named Miria Takamine, and that is a sample clip from her Maguro-016 video:


    If anyone can get a hold of the full video and possibly upload it via torrent or filehost, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

  15. Bootylover88

    Need one of these.

  16. lelouth

    any info on the 5th and 6th gifs?

    • botd

      I posted a link for the 6th above. For the 5th one with the two nurses, do a Google search for “GG-044 Naho Hazuki”. Or just click here.

  17. Jonathan

    What downloader did you use? I can’t get it to work

    • botd

      Orbit Downloader or DownloadHelper for Firefox.

  18. botd

    Here’s the video for the third and sixth one. You have to use a downloader to grab it because it only plays like 5m of the video.

    Here’s the video for the first gif. It’s in 7 parts so it’ll take a while.

    I have to remove these soon so bookmark the links. I’ll link the rest to the sample videos when I get a chance. Then you can get the names and search for the full vids.

  19. Brad

    please add video links. these asians are to damn thick

  20. rall

    yeah add them please

  21. Jonathan

    Seriously add them!

  22. Edwin

    please add the videos I CANT WAIT!

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