Hannah Stocking Instagram Pics

I think I’m like the last person to hear about this chick. Probably because her booty isn’t botd-big. But I’m posting her cause she’s sexy purdy and I gotta post fit girls from time to time.

via @hannahstocking

8 Responses to Hannah Stocking Instagram Pics

  1. realreal

    yeah she’s cute and has a nice body, the kind of girl i would present to my family. Buuuuuut i still like thick women with thick legs, a big phat ass (with PH) and a skinny waist.

  2. Desipimp

    Beautiful ass! Very well proportioned, curvy, long!

  3. Bootyman96

    She looks great period. Fit chicks are good chicks too.

  4. blackfrost

    she is extremely gorgeous but yea a little skinny for me. everyone likes what they like thou

  5. Myron degaines

    Botd I know u prefer fat chics or bbws, but c’mon that’s perfection right there. Face, body, ass everything is proportioned.

    • botd

      First off I never posted, banged or even dated a fat chick. Well except maybe once, but it was a blind date. She said she had a Coke bottle figure. Turned out it was a Coke can figure.

      I can understand why you like her, but since I don’t have the exact same DNA as you, I don’t have the same taste. My idea of perfection involves a lot more curves than that. I mean I do think she’s hot and proportioned, but she’d be hotter to me with bigger proportions.

  6. UrHumbleNarrator

    Her little asian friend @lovelianev has a smokin’ bod and botd potential too.

    • Bobby

      I agree @lovelianev is a cutie, she should be in thickasians!

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