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  1. John Mark Keeton

    How can I get to order Thick Asian School girls on DVDS.

  2. Richard Flores

    Please include the names of the models if possible.

  3. #5isreallyhto

    You really need to find out who #5 is and tell us. PLEASE.

  4. Shi

    Hey guys i just found this site today, my god… anyways.. lol ive ran into some of these videos in the past and i found one that i had to bookmark when i saw it but i havent found the same dude since because i dont know the names blah blah you get my drift, i would be so pumped if someone could hook me up with something similar (http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph56d5ae59a2dc5 ) too that clip or with him and like another girl.

    thanks alot, and great site.

    • botd

      Is this the same girl?


      If so I think her name is Miria Takamine or something.

      • #5isreallyhto

        Botd Number 5 I really want it, thats probably the best pair of legs EVER, are you sure that you only know the begenning is “FuckandPaizuri with Piump body”? are you sure it’s Piump? and that the first three letters have no space between them? gah I don’t think it’s Yuri Shibsaki either 🙁

  5. Foams

    Who’s number 8?

  6. Helpme

    Please please PLEASE tell me what #5 is

  7. devilmaycry

    who is number 5?

  8. Dante

    1 are left Saki Hatsumi and right Azuza Narumiya from KAWD-584.
    4 is Saegusa Yuki from OONIKU-007.
    Who is # 5?

    • botd

      Thanks man. I couldn’t find it anymore. Wish it was the full video tho so we could see more scenes with her.

  9. botd

    I just added two more.

    7 is my wife again doing what she does best, from Maguro-022 (a classic, two thumbs up, bravo Vincent).

    8 is Yuri Shibasaki from Maguro-041.

  10. botd

    2 is Araki Rina from R-18283.

    3 is my wife Naho Hazuki, and like Someguy said is from Maguro-18.

    4 and 6 are from OONIKU 007

    Number 5 I’m only 15% sure is Yuri Shibasaki. But the title text in the beginning of the movie says “FuckandPaizuri with Piump Body” … that’s exactly how it’s spelled. Good luck with that one.

    Number one I wish I knew cause that girl got some juicy legs. Nothing better than an Asian chick with thick legs.

    • Bro

      I been wondering who was number 2 Araki Arina thanks botd.. I’m a booty man 4life but any cute asian girl with big tits is like dam ill make an exception..or cute asian thick white booty like naho hazuki .. major props

  11. Someguy

    #3 is from Maguro-18
    Anyone know #4 or #5?

  12. admirallonginus

    Source on 5 please! Holy shit!

  13. Ronan

    2,3,4 & 6 pls

  14. blackfrost

    i want the source for the second gif lol. very nice. school girl stuff is a huge fap for me

  15. yeah

    it’s been a while…

  16. yeahhh

    Video links pls

  17. AnchC

    source for the first GIF?

  18. veyron89

    do thicker girls need a bigger penis for penetration?

    • Gobot90

      No. The vast majority of women get off on clitoral stimulation and you only need a normal size dick for that. Of course some women who are thick need a bigger dick to go with their bigger bodies but the reason straight men are obsessed with dick size is that most dicks we see are the dudes in porn, who have unusually big ones. Also a lot of them take viagra nowadays which increases blood flow and makes your dick the biggest it could get that way. (If youve ever noticed that your dick seems bigger when youre more turned on, it is)

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