2014 Booty of the Year

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Edit: Voting ends on January 6 when I count all the votes. (I’ll go back to using a poll next year, but still, this contest is official as hell.)

Edit 2: So the winner is Sarah Amnezia. Steph Kegels comes in at a close second. And Celia and Mandy Muse tied for 3rd.

Time for the 2014 BOTD World Famous Booty of the Year Competition Extravaganza. It’s every girl’s dream to be Miss Booty of the Year, because all our past winners have gone on to become famous movie stars and win several Academy Awards. Just kidding, but let’s just pretend this shit is important.

Let’s meet our lovely finalists. Starting from the top, we have Mandy Muse, Diamond Monroe, Mercedes Morr, Sarah Amnezia, Steph Kegels, Celia, AJ Applegate, and Tsukada Shiori.

No poll this time cause that takes way too much work, so vote in the comments. (Press on each gif and scroll down to see more samples of the girl.)

92 Responses to 2014 Booty of the Year

  1. botd

    So the winner is Sarah Amnezia. Steph Kegels comes in at a close second. And Celia and Mandy Muse tied for 3rd.

  2. KingJ

    I would like, in my opion:

    #1 Celia – Pawg with the biggest booty on the list

    #2 Diamond Monroe – 46 inches….enough said

    #3 Sarah Amnezia – Because she’s a REAl Pawg

  3. Derek

    1 AJ Applegate
    2 Mandy Muse

  4. Eduardo

    1.- Steph Kegels by far
    2.- AJ Applegate,
    3.- Tsukada Shiori.
    I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! BOTD for all these years of wonderful photos, gifs, movies and links. Thank you for all that moments of joy and pleasure. Keep up the excellent job. THANK YOU!!!

  5. Victor

    Sarah Amnezia

  6. Remy Pierce

    1. Tsukada Shiori
    2. Steph Kegels
    3. Mandy Muse

    Honorable mention to Celia.

    An Asian with a phat ass is to me a unicorn. Often talked about but rarely seen. So on that alone she wins. Steph is a good 2nd because she is an exhibitionist and I get off on her possibility of getting caught and just how much she gets off doing it. And Mandy Muse, I love a girl who loves her job and fucking and since her job is fucking you really see her love and enthusiasm for the D shine.

  7. neander

    #1 Sarah Amnezia

  8. JJ

    As much as I love me some Steph Kegels, my list is gonna have to be as follows:

    1: Sarah Amnezia
    2: Steph Kegels
    3: AJ Applegate

    Thank you very much for another great year of great photos, gifs, and videos my friend. You help make my life worth living, and that is the honest truth. Keep up your brilliant work, and I hope you end up finding a way to make some compensation back from the time and effort you put into your work on this wonderful website.

    • botd

      Thanks dude. I appreciate that you appreciate it. Sometimes I think about stopping it, but not if it helps people get through.

      • J J

        It really does man, the highlight of my day is receiving the e-mail updates, so thank you for all your hard work. If ever you need help with the site hit me up and I’ll gladly do anything I can to help.

  9. Jason

    Tsukada Shiori for sure.

  10. Pretty Ricky

    Celia all the way

  11. Gaviols

    Tsukada Shiori is my weak spot, so my vote goes all for her. Then Celia and Steph Kegels just behind

  12. nate

    really hard for me to chose between sarah amnesia and mandy muse. but i have to go with Muse because she does porn

  13. botd

    I guess I’ll do all the work and count all the votes in a couple of days or something. Okay January 6.

  14. PhatAzzPhucker

    Mandy Muse ftw! She can sit on my face anytime she wants to

  15. Anal Staircase

    Sarah Amnezia

  16. Bootox

    Here is my vote:

    1 – Mandy Muse
    2 – Steph Kegels
    3 – Sara Amnezia
    4 – Celia

    On the previous post i’ve choosed Kelsie, but she got in the game before 2014, soooo…

    Mandy in first because her ass now is much more sized and shaped the way I like and she make awesome scenes…
    Steph because she is a shameless girl. Her library videos can be all fakes (or not), but to me what counts is the fantasy involved (it’s not the base of all this industry?)…
    Sara because her body has the right proportions to my taste. She just have to make hardcore scenes (I would choose her for first)…
    Celia took the place of AJ because the girl knows how to take dick (this is important!). She is not that atractive though…

  17. kaiba

    Celia the French Girl for sure. Anyone no full name of her????

  18. bana

    So much talent this year. I almost cant make a decision but if i must, i choose steph kegels. She is perfect.

  19. Paxton

    Steph Kegels is my choice hands down.

  20. DGP

    The Muse all the way. Ass moves the best and looks the most fuckable. Hands down from this list a true booty beyond belief that will do things we want a booty to do.

  21. DG

    1. AJ
    2. Mandy Muse
    3. that french girl
    10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dead last. that japanese girl

  22. typhoon

    Steph kegels all the way

  23. Andres

    Sara A.!!!

  24. blackfrost

    1 – Steph Kegels
    2 – AJ Applegate
    3 – Mandy Muse

  25. Chris

    Aj Applegate!

  26. dtdtdtdt

    1-Mandy Muse
    2-Sarah Amnezia

  27. mtrout

    1 – Sarah Amnezia
    2 – Steph Kegels
    3 – AJ Applegate

  28. M

    Who is number 5?!!??

  29. bootyworshipper

    The rare occasion of Asian big booty. Just can’t go against the it. Shiori all the way. I seen most of her stuff damn she get me going everytime.

  30. Spungn

    I’m siding with newt. His order is my vote exactly!!

  31. gphi

    Diamond Monroe. PEACE!!!

  32. lolman

    Why is everyone puting that prefect japanese woman on second place? For me is:

    1) Tsukada Shiori
    2) Sarah Amnesia
    3) Celia

  33. Rick

    It’s gotta be Mandy Muse. What a booty, what a booty clap. She’s my #1

  34. Veganuas

    AJ applegate

  35. foolery


  36. Bro

    Celia with out a doubt, she got that perfect height juicy big ass and thighs and that tiny waist and bubble ass dam,, all around she Wins.. french girls coming up. As for the other nominees I say that asian girl in second..the rest look played out. Sarah amnezia seems to tall with that illusion booty.

    • Cuss

      BOTD HAppy NEw YEar!!!!Celia is Number one!!! that Body Reminds me of the Early Girls Assparade used to have on there website early 2000s until like 2007. When it seem Pawgs and Perfect Natural bootys was coming up in the industry every week . The Booty Game seems to be going Down in my Opinon, So many fake bitches trying to get them injections, some have perfect asess and they fuck it up by doing that..Still lets hope for a better Year, Steph Keagel is alright in my book she got a bomb booty big hips all NAtural,,

      Check out this French booty girl name LOLA is all i got .PAwg and Ass for Days BOTD dont sleep on this one.



  37. Bootyman96

    I said in the last post that I would go for Mandy Muse but I have to change my vote to Steph Kegels because she is amazing. Diamond Monroe, Aj Applegate, and Mandy Muse are awesome (idk the other chicks but idc you can send me links if you ppl want me to get caught, but whatever) but Steph Kegels ass is great! She one of the best cam girls out and the chick is brave to do cam shows at the library like nothing. Her booty should win and nominate her for curves of the year too man.

    • Bootyman96

      Oh yeah and maybe try Frontals of the year Steph would win that too cuz her selfies are the best also

  38. foster89

    Steph for sure!!!

  39. 843bigred

    1. Mercedes Morr
    2. Steph Kegels
    3. Sarah Amnezia

  40. TopCat

    I’ll vite Sarah A. Let’s put another french booty on the throne, like our goddes Rosee Divine.

  41. BSD

    Friends –

    From this group here, for me it’s Celia the French Girl.

    By far.

    She is not the most attractive woman in this group, but her body gets me sprung like no other. I would love to smash her.

    And she does hardcore, not just pretty girl modeling. That’s always a plus in my book.


    • BSD

      BOTD –

      I’m wondering if you know that there is a third hardcore scene from Celia?

      Besides the one with the two black guys and the one on one with the white dude, there is also an outdoor gang bang she did with four white dudes.

      Those are the three that I have. I hope she has more.


      • botd

        Yeah I think I saw it. I forgot whether I couldn’t find a good enough part to make a gif out of, or if I didn’t want to post too much of the same thing. But yeah I’m waiting for new ones too.

  42. BigSwole
    • Douche Baggins

      If she didn’t have fake boobs and fat injected into her ass, she’d look like a boy. Just…. no.

  43. Troublemaker

    Gotta go with AJ. I’d do blasphemous things in, on, and around that sweet ass.

  44. pawglover

    My vote goes to Sarah Amnezia. She gets the pawg of the year award. Check her out fellas, she is BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. dayum

    mandy muse all day… she got thicker and i just have to watch her to get a boner

  46. Jay

    Sarah amnezia, tsukada shiori 2nd

  47. Jason

    hey mr BOTD man. Um… like could u post pictures of volleyball girls with asses. please?

  48. Alex

    Steph Kegels for sure!

  49. Pete

    Wont lie, I think the last two “seasons’ we had some better booties to choose from through out the year but I must choose I must choose

    1) Tsukada Shiori

    2. Mandy Muse

    3. Steph Kegels

  50. Bailo

    If it’s a competition for the “most deserving” booty of the year, it should, imo go to Steph Kegels; she has balls for doing that shit in the library. But if it’s just the booty itself, Diamond Monroe all the way.

    • Marc

      Not to burst your bubble, but I suspect that “library” is a fake.

      • Douche Baggins

        I second that fake alert. There’s just no way. If it’s a real library, the people inside are ringers that know what’s going on.

  51. Brownhornet22

    1. Celia (she’s all-around great, and she loves black dick :-P)

    2. Tsukada Shiori (can’t beat an Asian girl with a naturally thick body, imho)

    3. Steph Kegels (gotta admire a hot girl who’s also an exhibitionist)

  52. John

    1. Sara A.
    2. AJ
    3. Steph

  53. Zorken

    I guess I double posted, sorry…

  54. Zorken

    Well.. Sarah Amnezia is looking terrific in her gif.. but Mandy Muse got me by the balls with that gif of her walking naked with her fat ass bouncing and giggling (posted a little while ago) .. so my vote goes for her..

  55. Riccardo

    1.- AJ Applegate
    2.- Mandy Muse
    3.- Sarah Amnezia

  56. DatAssThough

    1- Steph Kegels
    2- Tsukada Shiori
    3- Celia

  57. Bee

    Sarah Amnezia

  58. bobob

    whatever happened to ryan smiles? she was my favorite booty but hasn’t done anything in a long time

  59. Traxx

    Mandy Muse

  60. Seb

    1-Diamond Monroe
    2-Tsukada Shiori
    3-Steph Kegels

  61. Douche Baggins

    Out of the list you have showing, AJ Applegate.

    As for last year’s winner, Lily Sincere is not that hot… pretty sloppy actually.

    I second for Steph Kegels, though… she’s all around money.

    • Nick

      WHAAAAAAAAT. I think shes amazing!

  62. DC

    Steph Kegels 4 me. Have to say Tiffany Cappotelli is a personal favorite. 🙂

  63. newt

    1. Sarah Amnezia

    Honorable mention..
    2. Tsukada Shiori / Celia
    3. Mandy Muse / Steph Kegels

  64. Drake

    I vote Sara A.

  65. Willie Beamon

    Sarah A. Celia/Shiori tied for 2nd.

  66. Young

    Mercedes Morr….then Steph Kegels for sure,they both fine as hell

  67. Nick

    How Lily Sincere didnt win last year I will never understand. She is insanely awesome all around.

  68. Nick

    If its out of this list. I Say Diamond Monroe. I posted with the wrong email in the last post.

  69. Nick

    If its out of this list. I Say Diamond Monroe.

  70. Chef

    Steph Kegels. Shiori is my second choice.

  71. guali42

    Celia. Yup. Tsukada is a very close second though…

    • Yeah

      1 – Monroe/Kegels
      2 – AJ Applegate
      3 – Mercedes Morr

      Honorable mention goes to Ceila, came too late to the list to judge that French cul (ass!)!~

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