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  1. DG

    she just tweeted that someone leaked her snapchat pics to porn sites BOTD please help has grab some of those pics brother

  2. hammer

    Good lawd i love me pawg wats her snap

  3. Darrell

    Find me on face book… that ass is phat

  4. Chef

    I can’t find anything in her. Does anyone have links they can share?

  5. Mazzini$

    I have many videos showing nipples and pussy of her!!

    • Al Roker

      Send the link or where I can see it please….

      • Mazzini$

        She doesn’t have a link you can’t find anything put I have pusssy pics asss and titties of hers that she send via snapchat.

        • jay

          What’s her snapchat name?

    • DG

      share or STFU

  6. Just someone

    Why is her ass shaped like a dick head?

  7. DG


  8. Willie Beamon

    Ay, She Thick AF!!

  9. 843bigred

    where do you find these fine ass, big ass, big titty women at, lol.

  10. Yeah

    Just a little bonus to add to this post: Watch her vines, despite not having instagram, her vines….just all THIRST TRAPS!


  11. Yeah

    Believe it or not, my mouth is watering….ALL THICK IN THE RIGHT PLACES!

    (By the way, thanks for all the submissions you have uploaded on this site BOTD, and for all of you: Have a safe new years eve and great New years!)

    • botd

      No problem man. You too.

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