56 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 20

  1. d

    12 and 5

    12 especially would love to see that on other angles, epic meat

  2. Dat dude

    Always top notch.

    check this chick out


    another “Yoga” chick.

  3. King James

    I have that video on my harddrive and can upload if you want to. However, the video is not as good as the printscreens show.

    • Jason

      could you upload it please? if you dont mind

  4. pizdec

    Guys in need your help. We all love Ava Rose. So i cant finde on of her videos. Its like Ava Rose in Live Naughty Nurse. Demn it i need this video. Here is the link for official video http://tour.naughtyamerica.com/live_chat/show/ava_rose10/5468/?&nats=nauboo.

    • pizdec

      Demn it im totaly, i mean Ava Rose in Live Naughty Secretary
      haha sorry. Pleas help to finde it guys 🙂

      • botd

        Pizdec I’ve never seen any of them on the Tubes, but she has like 6 or 7 of those live videos on Naughty America if you sign up.

  5. young

    Number 15 is @munecabellla on IG…..thank me later

  6. Jason

    http://g.e-hentai.org/g/772071/5bc962a55d/ LOOK @ THIS! SHE’S AN ASIAN CHICK WITH A FAT ASS.

  7. Big D

    I hear ya buddy, but face down ass up u never see that belly 😉

  8. Big D

    Off topic.. But that new plumperpass scene with mazzi and Vanessa Blake needs to be posted and discussed fuck me so much ass

  9. poohbia
  10. Jason


  11. heroin
  12. heroin
    • woudidi

      need videos !

  13. heroin
  14. heroin
  15. heroin
    • Tylermagnus

      Jhonni blaze has a bomb ass but she can’t fuck for jack shit. Have you even seen her supposed “sextape”?

      That video was a disgrace to her sexy body.

  16. heroin
    • heroin


    • botd

      Escorts are always using better looking girls’ pics for their escort profile. But then when you get there, you find out they pulled the old bait and switch on you. Not that I know about any of that stuff. I think a friend told me.

      • heroin

        believe its only have!!!

  17. heroin
  18. M

    Happy New Years!!! Can someone please tell me who 1,13, and 15 are?!??!

  19. Bootyman96

    Happy New Year! BOTD your site is always awesome, been on it for a year and a half and now 2015 booty should get a lot better. Great post as always and I’m wondering two things. One: who got Booty of the year in 2014? And Two: who you think which pop culture star has the best booty? J-Lo, Beyoncé, Kim K, Nicki Manaj or Iggy Azaelia?

    • botd

      Thanks bro, Happy New Year.

      I’ll count the votes on Tuesday. As far as the celebrities, I haven’t watched TV or videos since the Bush Administration, so I haven’t kept up with how their booties are looking now. If I had to make a choice tho, I’d go for a threesome with Kim and Iggy.

  20. Swaszcv

    Can any one tell me the name of 6? also 2 and 3

  21. Jack Cole

    11, 12, 15 name please please????

    • DeeDee

      #11 is Diamond Doll. ‘Don’t know who 12 and 15 are. Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

  22. DG

    #1 and #2 names please? because of obvious beautiful reasons

  23. Cuss

    3,12,15 Dam anyone know there names ,, shortys got Ass ,,

  24. big booty obsesion

    I Need scenes like this when ass clap 1:30 http://www.xvideos.com/video1074184/austin_taylors_phat_ass

  25. Aalim Chin

    HAPPY NEW YEARS fellow booty lovers.

    That first booty – DAMN. They all nice though.

    • Jason

      it looks like Jayonna Fabro…. but I could be wrong.

  26. blackfrost

    screw it, i want all of them!!! happy new years to you guys also.

  27. Jason

    anjadee is #8 I believe.

  28. 843bigred

    one of the best compilations i have ever see. 1, 2,4, 10, 11, and especially 14 are perfection

  29. Ross

    Happy New Year, and here’s a glopolicious blast of cum in tribute to you and this site. *SPLOOGE*

    By the way, #1 is my favorite of this lot.

  30. Yeah

    Eyyyy first I suppose? Anyway, I want to wish y’all a happy new years eve and new years, and thanks for the great and bootylicious submissions you managed to keep our thirsty fans updated BOTD! Cheers!~

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