53 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 42

  1. Mack

    These women have some of the most beautiful booty body’s I have ever seen, this is my 58 year of living and never have I seen the body’s of women so cruvey.

  2. city heat

    OMG #13 is my DREAM come true. Please- we need more of her.

  3. Jason

    Hey…. does anybody know what scene this is from? https://vine.co/v/i6xDPOzDaD5 I know the girl is VK. But IDK what scene its from. πŸ™

    • Bob

      It looks like Valerie Kay

  4. ayyyyylo

    Yo BOTD, I suggest you check out this gem. She a korean fitness instructor with a ridiculous donk



    • ayyyyylo

      Forgot to say her name Shim Euddeum or μ‹¬μœΌλœΈ in korean

    • botd

      Thanks dude. She’s okay, but I like my Asian girls a lot thicker like these girls right here…


  5. TY

    Who is #3? Does any body know?

  6. John Doe
  7. Bootylover99

    1st is my all time fav booty, Steph is so cute and perfect for me πŸ™‚

  8. DG

    i want 13

  9. Al Bundy

    2, 4, 7, 9, 11 And 14. Need names. If they’re already posted. My bad. For some reason no other comments are showing up but it says there’s 30+ πŸ™

  10. beardo

    Steph K is also legit. Someone needs to wife that immediately.

  11. blackfrost31

    #5 and #10 is no doubt the best to me. anyone know who #10 is?

  12. BootyBay

    Someone has to tell me who #12 is! Botd where you get that redhead from? She is fucking amazing!

    • botd

      That one I honestly don’t remember. And Google Image Search doesn’t seem to be helping.

      Maybe someone else’s Google-fu is more masterful than mine and they’ll be able to help you out.

  13. beardo

    Katie C is a bad bitch. Even though Cappotelli has gained a good amount of weight still legit.

    • trulove

      she looks so much better with some weight on! .. once she hit the drinkning age she fattened rite up!! :)))

  14. BootyBay

    Who is #12? Is she a reddit girl?

    • botd

      I doubt it’s a Reddit girl. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s an old pic. But I’m not sure, so I could be wrong about both things.

    • botd

      Okay I kept trying to flip the pic horizontally and vertically to try to read what that says. I think I finally got it.

      Looks like it says…


      Which means it might be a pic from 4chan from 2009. If I’m way off, somebody let me know.

  15. Anonymous

    1. twitter.com/Stephkegels
    2. instagram.com/yesjulz
    4. instagram @realbriamyles
    5. instagram @jehsuicide
    6. instagram @iamiskra
    7. instagram @captain_kc
    8. instagram @jailyneojeda77
    9. instagram @tifftiffrosee
    11. instagram @its_kaai
    13. instagram @pam.santanaa
    14. instagram @jasminechiquito
    15. instagram @ashleyortizx3

    • primerino

      ayy someone doing my job lol

      • botd

        Haha. It’s probably my fault because I’m not as predictable as I used to be with my posts, so it’s harder to know when to check.

        I’m gonna try to set up notifications, so if anybody wants, they can opt in on their phone to get notified when a post is made, the same way you get notified of a text or a missed phone call, or something like that I don’t know.

        The only thing is, if I do it wrong, then it could get annoying.

  16. TY

    Dust of #2

  17. HaveSomeBooty

    #13, does anyone know who she is?

    • TY

      Daphne Rosen

  18. Gallo216

    Number 2 please!!!

    • JGood

      #2 is yesjulz or Julieanna Goddard

  19. yabajaba

    #5, IG: jehsuicide

  20. rgz47

    Anybody know #8? Nice big hips small waist.

    • Gallo216

      That would be Jailyn Ojeda. Dat ass is one of the top of all time.

      • primerino

        too bad its fake

        • botd

          New rule. If I have any doubt at all about the authenticity of an ass, then it’s probably fake. In that case I agree, hers is probably fake.

          The thing is, some people really don’t care if an ass or tits are fake. To those people, I say more power to you. I honestly wish I was like that. For real. I wish I wasn’t so picky, wish I didn’t care if the tits were fake, or the ass was fake, or the girl was too skinny and boyish, or too fat and sloppy, or didn’t have a good amount of thickness, or didn’t have the right amount of curves, or didn’t have an acceptable hip-to-waist ratio, etc. etc.

          I’d probably be having a lot more sex if I wasn’t picky through no choice of my own.

          I mean, what I meant to say was… I have lots of sex. The greatest sex ever. My sex is terrific. My penis is yuge.

  21. Another Thickness Appreciator
    • BSD

      ATA –

      That was nice.

      The song was beautiful, the performance was great, and the young lady lead singer was nicely thicked.



  22. ilovemesomebooty

    Good lord! Is that katie cummings at 7#?! Wow she became so pretty! And from the looks of it, her ass hasn’t changed one bit. I know she won’t ever come back to porn so i’ll look up some of her old footage.

    I would like to know some more info on 4# 11# 13#

    • botd

      @ilovemesomebooty Katie probably doesn’t do mainstream porn, but I think she’s still in the business. Check out this video, and check out that thickness….


      Shout to Mitch for discovering it.

      • botd

        Actually maybe it’s old from 2015. I haven’t seen it before tho.

        Anyway it’s new material for my folder and that’s the important thing.

        • ilovemesomebooty

          @botd I see she still has the cakes and a beautiful face. Her boyfriend is one lucky SOB. I don’t know about you but i would cuff her.

          Amazing stuff as usual.

          Bro, do you know another site that has big booty content. I’m running out of material.

          • botd

            If you mean a booty site like this, I don’t think there’s any good ones any more. Probably because it’s hard to keep finding and posting new shit all the time. Actually there were a few others that used to run a booty blog similar to mine that eventually gave up … either they realized that there was no money in it, or that it just wasn’t worth there time any more. Only reason I keep making posts is because I’m always searching for new shit anyway for my own needs, so might as well just post what I find.

            I’ll give you a site (you might know it already), but send me an email. The address is somewhere all the way on the bottom of the desktop site. The link might not work in Chrome, so just hover over it to read it.

          • botd

            But unless you’ve seen everything on the site already, I’m sure if you go back through all the past posts, you’ll find some material that hasn’t been used yet.

            A lot of people just come here to check for new stuff, but they should just sit back, relax, and go through some old posts. There might be something good that’s just waiting for you to find it.

      • ID

        someone has this complete video?

  23. Jay

    Anyone got any recent videos of katvong?

  24. Bootyman96

    So thirsty for booty. Great post.

  25. Jason

    Who are #’s 1,3,6,7,13 & 15?! GREAT PHOTOS!

    • simneo

      7 Is definitely katie cummings

    • JGood

      #1 is Steph Kegels

    • ILoveWhooty

      #6 looks like Iskra Lawrence.

  26. F

    Who’s that Lady? (#9)

    • trulove

      why thats the one and only tiff cappotelli!!
      pure godddess

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