17 Responses to Fine Friday Frontals – Ink Edition

  1. moya

    too gud to be true. Nice curves and tight bodies. I think they r shopped

  2. Darrko

    Who is #6

  3. Cein

    Who is number twelve

  4. lad

    number 5?? plzzz

    • Zoltan

      Suicide Girls – Poison Ivy

      • Zoltan

        errm, the name is Phecda

  5. Derek da Long

    I really don’t like ink on a broad. I like more respectable church going bitches. They seem to put more of an effort cuz they been sup press by all the brain washing.

    • GreenEggsAndHam

      yet your looking at a post about women with ink (o.o)

  6. Spungn

    It’s about time u did put up some THICK tatt’d up girls!!! Most of the tattooed ladies have NO curves!!
    Nice job!!!!!

  7. Raw naug

    Who is the beauty in #2 and 5

    • DR. E

      Number 3 btw

      • Milo

        Duuude, thnx allot! 🙂

  8. Davefox89

    Love the stars on the tits..

  9. Haechi

    I really like the 3rd line number 4. I’d like to have fun with a fully tatooed girl once. But piercings are a turn off for me.

  10. Milo

    Damn, who’s the sexy one on #3? Any name?

  11. vamp

    That first one is a cam girl on livefreefu

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