12 Responses to Big Butt Blonde Waiting for You

  1. Doa butt

    So cute

  2. Desipimp

    Beautiful ass!! Would eat it all day and pound it all night!

  3. Jonny

    Her name is Manu Junkes btw , google her and you will see how vastly different she actually looks than picture you posted

    • botd

      Yes, we know already. Everybody that regularly visits this site knows a lot more than you Jonny.

  4. Harry Dick

    Extraordinary! I’m not making her wait.

  5. Fapman

    sexy. But why’s her left butt cheek so huge & her left butt cheek so small, Mr. Botd??

    • Bubba

      A piece of advice fapman. Finish ur session before commenting. Or else u might get confused by using your left rather than your right or was it your left.

    • botd

      It’s called Perspective.

    • Jonny

      It’s called photoshop (see original image) as with the vast majority of girls on this site… either that or just straight fat girl posts

      • botd

        Jonny we all know how to use Google Image Search, and most of the men in the world disagree with your personal, subjective opinion of what the word fat means. Biologists also disagree with you. You can take a step down from your high horse or whatever cloud you think you’re up on.

  6. iceman8069


  7. kyle429

    I can’t find a name because there’s a lot of models on there, but she is a model for this site: https://www.belladasemana.com.br/modelos

    Here is the original pic. The person from wherever you got this version cropped out the water mark: http://i.imgur.com/o0ZppqR.jpg

    I’ll research more when I can. Don’t have time to look right now. Someone will probably beat me to it anyway lol.

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