Paige Turnah Dirty Talking Chat Girl


Oh baby oh baby yes umm, oh baby. Phone sex skills son.

Edit: wtf, the site broke. That’s some bullshit.

Edit 2: Okay we’re back. Looks like Scientologists and North Koreans hacked the site and flipped everything around. Jokes on them though, all the old stuff looked like new material. *fap fap fap*


21 Responses to Paige Turnah Dirty Talking Chat Girl

  1. Colberito

    I would LOVE if you could have put the audio on these ones.

  2. TheCoolDude

    I don’t know how you found this website to see some her live shows but you came in clutch. I’ve seen her live shows every now and then but they go on for hours, too bad they can’t show everything.

  3. Low78

    Is audio possible botd

    • botd

      Yeah but I try not to use it (for various reasons) except on rare occasions.

      Personally I like my ladies to remain silent like the Good Book says.

      • KingJ

        Lol I agree

  4. Pete

    Sigh, I miss her

  5. 843bigred

    Paige and Sophie dee have two of the best English muffins in the game.

    • kyle429

      I see what you did there. Also, I agree wholeheartedly. The sexy af English accent makes it even better.

      • Bootox

        I share the same opnion. Those two have incredible asses and know how to do the job!

  6. Janos

    The best ass ever fabricated in the UK. Unless I’m not familiar with English porn stars. Smh

  7. Bootox

    That’s a nice ass! Paige, my girl, keep shaking!

  8. C.A.

    That bonus gif is an absolute beaut.

    • E

      Sadly its not a GIF. That would be better.

      • botd

        How so? Not to argue, but genuinely curious about which type of posts people like the best and why.

        Should put up an anonymous poll on the sidebar and ask if people prefer the pics, big ass gifs, the sets of small gifs that tell a story, the video loops, or whatever.

        • Harry Dick

          Photoshop photos gifs loops all good.

        • C.A.

          I think he would prefer a .gif because it can be saved and watched on Windows Media Player, etc. But when you save the bonus loop it doesn’t loop.

          • botd

            You can loop in VLC Media Player. But you can also loop with Windows Media Player if you click the repeat button that looks like a circle that’s almost closed.

            I think some people prefer gifs so they can repost them on their Tumblr. They know who they are.

  9. jejee

    yeah everything’s up sido down lol

  10. iheartbutts

    april fools? eh? upside down? never seen that before. anyone else? or do i have a virus or something. lol.

  11. poohbia

    Is she still in the game? Haven’t seen anything from her in a while, nice

  12. iceman8069

    I’d give it to Paige for real!

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