Big Booty Shower Girl

Do you guys prefer tall video loops like this? For most of BOTD’s history, people were mostly on desktop. Nowadays people are mostly on mobile.

And should I keep posting just video loops, or gifs and pics too like back in the day?

Last question… Does anybody on iPhone only see the first video instead of all 3?

19 Responses to Big Booty Shower Girl

  1. Juan Manuel Fangio

    She look like Gia Derza!

    • botd

      Yeah that’s what I thought too.

  2. Hentai Jose
  3. Freshcakes

    Yea I was going to say on some loops I can’t see them on my iPhone .
    I couldn’t see the other videos on the Japanese finest .

    Also how can we support or donate to you mr booty of the day ??

  4. Suresh

    That’s a curve worth looking at. Very pleasant girl. Good to watch.

  5. S L

    This is BS, nobody showers with a bathing suit in

    • Hentai Jose

      You the man!

  6. Hentai Jose

    Yeah man, I love the loops. Funny enough, I only visit this site on my desktop.

  7. Tahda

    Lilith Cavalierex is the name

  8. Clover

    Video loops are great cause they’re easier to save/DL

    • botd

      Truuu. How did you know this site was active again btw. Or did you come back for that comment thread.

      • botd

        Okay you probably got the email I sent.

        • Hentai Jose

          Oddly enough, I didn’t get an email, I just happen to remember the site and thought I’d check it out again lol

      • Dan

        I was subscribed to the RSS feed and saw new posts in it.

      • Big D

        Lol I check daily and have for years

      • Clover

        I didn’t get the email either. I’ve just been checking it every so often this whole time. It’s a great resource for ass haha and the posts with 700+ comments of people linking stuff had me coming back!

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