10 Responses to Tiffany Cappotelli Selfie Stick Sex

  1. realreal

    she’s making snapchats videos and you’ve to pay 20 bucks to get into the account. It probably sucks, i want to see her banged in at least a ten minutes video…

    Maybe he can’t handle that ass for too much time

    • Zorken

      Lol can’t blame the dude.. I know there’s no way I could last more than 2 minutes banging that big fat ass in that position from the video loop..

    • MingRee

      I subbed to the snapchat and it’s honestly hot af. She posts at least 10 or 15 self-shots a day and every few days you get a bunch of POV snaps of them getting it on. Also she sucks dick like a CHAMPION

      • booty2t

        can u pls post the clips

  2. Spungn

    I’m pretty sure she’s just this tumblr and maybe some webcam shows with this dood. I could be wrong though

    • Zorken

      Oh.. ok.. thanks!

      Well.. that’s meh..

  3. Zorken

    Is there any new content from this bitch?? Haven’t seen any new material from her in years.. or is she only doing this tumblr thing? Damn, she fine..

    • 1_love

      Make sure you’re following her Instagram, bro

  4. GSAgent89

    lucky guy….i want fuck Tiffany so hard….. 😀
    awesome female body…

  5. mafia

    nice man!

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