12 Responses to Captain Booty

  1. Desipimp

    That butt is world class! Round firm perfect proportion to rest of body!

  2. Terrence

    That I like say I just sit back say I am glad sun shine on myself nice ass

  3. dom9998

    All I can say about people like the J.A.P. in this picture is: HAHAHAHAH

  4. Tboogz

    Hahahaha! I knew that was her! I recognize that ass anywhere! Gotta respect the realness fellas! She’s amazing!

  5. Yo

    I wish I was a little bit taller… I wish I was a baller…

  6. Bee

    That is Jen Selter, I knew I recognized her. She looks different without her yoga pants on! Dude BOTD need to check her out dude, she is really into doing squats and perfecting her big booty! Which means she always wearing yoga pants, like more than any other chick I’ve ever seen! She’s a booty Allstar! http://web.stagram.com/n/jenselter/ https://mobile.twitter.com/Jseltzz http://jenselter.tumblr.com/

  7. James

    Jen Setler, not photoshopped either.

  8. Tboogz

    Botd, what’s her name, cuz I think that’s a personal trainer at the gym I go to. I’m dead serious, and if so, it’s even more amazing in person!!! And you should totally give her a post of several pix! That ass deserves it!

  9. one eyed monster

    She should definitely be on the star-board cus I would love to see what her port side offers. I would be skipping to be the first to mate on that poop deck lol

  10. Bee

    That’s my retirement plan. Sail round the world with a round booty whooty!!! Only about 30 more years To go. Damn she’s fine!

  11. ks4714

    If she’s the captain, I’d DEFINITELY sign on to be first mate!

    Reporting for Booty, cap’n!

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