16 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 38

  1. Poon raider

    Can’t deal with ugly toes, #3 has to go. Lol

  2. Dana


  3. Bootyman96

    When the pictures are advertised the come out blurry, once clicked they become clear. That is okay because the sites database wasn’t working for a few days. Part 38 I got some favs and some this dislikes so I’d say it was a good post. Suggestion for PT. 39 is put that IG chick _vvs_ now she is worthy. Thanks King James.

    • Bootyman96

      Favs are #’s 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, & 11.

  4. Bobbilly

    Number 6 please?

  5. Good

    Damn who can help me identify this dime? By far one of the best asses


    • primerino

      whoops i was late this time.

  6. A. Connoisseur

    Outstanding post!!! Anyone got the name / Insta of #14?!

  7. Horny Tom

    Whats up with number 3’s toes? Lmao.

  8. King James

    Don’t know if you guys know her and if she is posted here, but just wanted to share vvs/adorem with you guys.

    I’m an 100% pure ass man and have been following instagram models/video vixens/porn stars for a long time and I’m sure know this girl is the best I’ve ever seen.

    First of all, most girls with a very good body have butter faces. Her face is not stunning, but she is definetly cute and beautifull. Not an 10/10, but at least 8/10. If you would see her face withouth the body, you would still say she is a beautifull girls.

    Secondly, there are quite some girls with big tits or a big ass, or girls with both of them ‘ok’, and girls with none (unfortunately for them). I’ve never seen a girl with to perfect, salient boobs and ass in one body. Just both of them are perfect. And the best thing it; it’s combined with an incredibly small waist.

    Thirdly, it’s difficult to tell if she has had surgery. If you look at the ass at it’s own, it’s ridicilously huge, example:


    Sticks out as a mf.
    But, besides that, she also has very big boobs, but those look quite natural. They’re huge and round, but still looking soft, fat and a bit hanging. They do not look implanted;


    Besides that, she also sports quite fanatically I guess. She has a tight, small waist and even abs;


    And her legs are also very thick and thones. Her body looks thick in general and she also has the face of a thick, latina girl (bit chubby cheeks).

    It’s difficult to say, but even if her body is fake, it looks fucking fine as hell. Have never seen anyone which some much ‘woman’ in one body.
    You guys should follow her instagram and snapchat (she posts good vids). For some reason, she takes done quite some sexy video’s/pics from her instagram. Yesterday she posted one vid of her walking away where you see that big round ass bounce, but she took it down again.
    If you guys are interested I can post some video’s and some of her pictures taken down, I save all the stuff.

    What do you guys think of her?

    • Meh

      King James,

      While I enjoyed your thorough analysis and break down of this IG chick. I must point out that there gets to a point where her hips and booty just looked warped and way out of proportion. I like you, obviously love a phat booty or else why am I on here? The face is a 5-6 , very average and looks like a typical wide faced Mexican chick ( don’t get started people ,I am hispanic, I know my stuff). The boobs are rather large and might be real based on this pic

      But then again a chick can implants get chunky and the fat goes over the implant and make it look larger and more natural but there is a Silicone Softball (SS) in there somewhere. I give it a 7 for their size and shape.

      Let us look at the stomach which looks like it has been sucked completely and void of any fat. Based on this picture.


      Now, logically how can a woman have a flat stomach showing ab definition. Well to achieve this a woman must hit below 15% body fat. If a woman loses weight and get down to 15% body fat enough to show abs, then the fat in the boobs and booty are the first to go. Thus, having large boobs, hips, thighs and booty leads me to believe a fat transfer was done. Lip the gut transfer to the hips and booty. Technically, it is still her fat so it is all her but in a unnatural state and form. I give her gut a 4.

      Lastly, that monstrous booty is way to out of proportion. She is heading toward Kim K town with that clown look soon. I know many of you will disagree on this point alone but hey thats all good. I will give her a 6 for effort. If it was slightly smaller and more shapely and fit with the rest of her body I would give her a solid 8.

      Overall assessment a solid 7.

      I hope you have enjoyed my qualitative analysis of your IG chick. Thank you!

      Ps. Number #3 (Diamond Doll) is just a straight up cow now. let herself go, no turning back on thunder thighs.

    • Bana

      Private 🙁

    • Bootyman96

      It’s all about that T ‘N’ A and she definitely got some. I guess you’re a bootyologist and an FBI (Female Body Inspector) lol. I’d say she looks good I agree with you on some areas but she’s fit and I’d totally go for her. I don’t think she’s been on the site. Mr. BOTD please take notice.

  9. Aalim Chin

    Dayuum. This cuffing season all you need is a girl with a big ol booty.

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