Sexy Selfies – Part 35

This set of self shots and belfies features sheza_druq, Cassiie Melinda and Lollie Cakez.

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  1. Numba 15

    Yo BOTD, any info on the female with the towel?

    • botd

      Sorry, no idea.

      • jessie

        I found #15 ig @melinarichness
        You should take a peek at that BOTD, her towel selfies make a nigga wannna nut.

  2. Bootyfreak

    Damn! #13 with the pink lace, that’s what I’m talkin bout.
    I like them all though.

  3. jessie

    I need to know #15, chick with towel

  4. Case

    You a fool BOTD, I been hoping to stumble upon Ashley Ortiz’s identity and you forgot you posted her!

    I was disappointed by her page. Her first few pictures she doesn’t look very thick at all, then she gains all of a sudden. Her curves aren’t as pronounced as her pictures make her out to be. Not a fan of her choice to never take a pic without makeup either.

    Bad to the bone no doubt, but I was thinking she’s a goddess. Not so. She’s much more “pretty” than “sexy”. If she were mixed with Black or White she’d have a little more curvature and exoticness going on.

    Outstanding job, keep serving as the database for Thick Internet Vixen Information: or T.I.V.I.D. for short. Just give me 5% on the naming rights and I’m good.

  5. Maxwell

    I’m probably the only guy who thinks this but these asses are looking too fake now, I miss the real God given genetic booties like Alexis breeze and Naomi Russell circa 2005, I mean now they just look fresh out of the surgeons office. My instinctive primal urge to mate is not activated cause i can tell these aren’t good genes they’re just good surgeons.

    • botd

      I was about to say, This is probably the only thing we agree on. But then I’m like, wait isn’t this exactly what I said to you during a debate or something?. In any case, whether I’m thinking about somebody else, or whether you’re playing around mocking me haha, or whether you’re serious… your statement is correct, and I agree. (Except for the Naomi part. Too tight.)

  6. ilovemesomebooty

    I need to know the name of the first girl. Her booty is exceptional! Unfortunately i know the rest already. I’m the type of guy who likes novelty. Something new, once in a while. If you can help a thirsty brother out. Show me a site where i can find big booty video’s. Not porn, just videos. I already know

    • botd

      Which first girl. You mean this girl right here?…

      Shout to Fr878. He figured it out. ashleyortizx3

    • botd

      Oh and of course shout to primerino too.

      Also, I didn’t even realize that I posted her before…


      • ilovemesomebooty

        Appreciate the help, brother.

        Do you maybe know any information on this baddie?

        • botd

          No idea, but the person that posted that didn’t use enough hash tags. He needs to add a few more.

          Seriously tho, I’m sure somebody else will know who she is.

  7. pizdec

    Hi guys, im looking for the video. There was two girls, one of tham was Sara Jay. So there was a black guys fucking them between their asses. Thx for help 🙂

    • pizdec

      i got it guys.

  8. Mega?

    #3 though, mmm!

  9. Wowzers88

    These are awesome, But can anyone tell me who this is? Saw her on tumblr

  10. 843bigred

    Classic, perfect

  11. Ye'old dominion

    Mercy! mercy!!
    Who’s is #1?!
    She’s gotta be at 22 I’m thinking.

    For shitz and giggles..
    Anybody got an idea on her measurements?
    I’m thinking 5’2″?
    43″ hips?

    • botd


  12. Jayrock

    When the ass so fat you need a selfie stick

  13. Glrbr

    13 = selena adams

  14. Skione

    the sexy selfie posts are my favorite. Keep em coming!

  15. primerino
    • poohbia

      Props for the detective work

    • FR78


    • Al Bundy

      You sir, are a god. Lol

      • primerino

        lol just here to help

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