Thick Arab Girl with Very Long Hair Dances

Pardon the static. I don’t know but I think most of the Middle East is a few years behind on camera technology. Anybody that’s seen Arab Girl videos on Youtube and porn tubes knows what I’m talking about.

Anyway I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl with hair that goes down that far, right over a nice big ass, long enough to cover her whole ass crack, and stops all the way down at her thighs. Well maybe I’ve seen one or two, but not naked like that.

All I know is I think I like it. I need to get with a girl like that temporarily. Mostly so I can see what she looks like walking around the apartment with nothing on except that long hair. Maybe it’s the idea of a girl with a big ass using her long hair as a short skirt. Giggity.

8 Responses to Thick Arab Girl with Very Long Hair Dances

  1. Bootyman96

    international booty is what we need! The more the better and yes Arab girls need love too. That long hair is crazy and kinda feels like a teaser but man let’s see how far this goes. When it comes to booty it’s all about equality. Smash the Arab and the Indian babes.

  2. TheFrenchGuy

    Botd do you know Sabrina Beurette ? She’s a french thick arab, she did three porn video, check it and put that girl in your website

  3. ShitFaceMcGue

    Video link?

  4. JZA80

    yep, some of us still using potato cameras

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