18 Responses to Diamond Doll in the Tub

  1. michael

    Face ain’t that bad, if she was right next to u, u would take it.

  2. Big Butt ass fucker

    she is perfect! everything about her! a pity that it makes no porn ;–)

  3. botd

    For everybody saying she’s ugly, check the videos of her with no makeup.

  4. tmf

    Whoa, butterface. Nice figure, but put a bag over the face.

  5. Someone

    Her body looks better than her face does.

    • Big Butt ass fucker

      I also thought the same! perfect body to fuck, face not so good!
      cool page here: D

      greetings from Europe

  6. der

    Honestly now I think she’s too much of a bimbo…

  7. Chris

    Diamond doll has a bunch of videos on YT. She hasn’t posted anything in like a year afaik. She’s a stripper; and has a bunch of vine videos. Some are pretty good. All her accounts are typically “missdiamonddoll” or “realdiamonddoll”.

  8. poohbia

    Her face looks suspect and the ass is most likely fake, but I like the way she works it

  9. Bootyman96

    So fucking hot in that tub!

  10. Ctgis

    She has a lot of rump but wears too much makeup. At least that’s what I think.

  11. Tooki

    Always been my fav wish she did more vids

  12. MilwT will Smash that AZZ

    Thats the way i like it……..but im sure its fake

    • yea

      yes she had surgery just like a majority of this internet models

  13. blackfrost

    i’m in love!!!

    • blackfrost

      there has to be more videos of her somewhere

  14. gatenk

    My favorite chick. She’s thickness and voluptuousness incarnate.

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