6 Responses to Phat Ass Japanese Schoolgirl

  1. BigMike

    Fuck, she is thick af, sadly couldnt find anything else, wish she did more or at least there were more asians out there with ass like her.

  2. ANON

    Unfortunately no one will ever know, because this bitch only did 1 movie then vanished. Such a waste of an insane body. I wish there were more thick Japanese pornstars like back then 2010-2015 with its shitty quality video, but now it’s 95% slim

    • BootyBay

      She’s actually in another JAV, here is the code: SDMU-556. Unfortunately, even in this one there is no name given to the actresses. They all seem to be labeled as amateur, which means we probably wont get one :/

      • ANON

        Yeah, I just didn’t mention it because we barely see her body fully

  3. C.A.

    Thick as a Wendy’s Frosty (when you try to drink it from a straw)!

    • Alfakhadhin

      I always use a fry to eat my frostys

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