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    • botd

      Doesn’t seem too extreme, but I’d have to see different angles to get a better sense of the shape.

      • Hentai Jose

        I used to follow her on instagram, she is natty. But I never seen any spicy content from her, or that she advertised it. She never posted anything sexy or the like, just her and her fam, so I doubt there’s any content of her out there.

        I’d be happy to be wrong tho.

  1. Garcés

    Oh great! guess 5 and 6 please!

    • botd

      5 is Haruka Aino from MAGURO-072

    • botd

      6 is Marina Shiraishi from STAR-919

  2. Danilo

    #2 Thank you!

    • botd

      2 is Kurume Kawane from KTDS-985

  3. Yup yup

    Who’s the last girl at the bottom???

    • botd

      If you mean on the bottom right corner, that’s Naho Hazuki.

    • ;b

      Her Twitter is ku_naho

  4. FreshCakes

    Could you post your playlist again on spankbang?

  5. botd

    8 is Naho Hazuki from YAG-035


    They’re all amazing. Except maybe 2, that’s the best camera angle but the girl isn’t outstanding.
    Great post as usual.

    If you will only give one code, 4 looks like the most interesting scene!

    • botd

      Looks like I overwrote the filename for that one, so don’t know the movie code, but I’m pretty sure it’s Sakura Kirishima.

    • botd

      Got it, it’s SCOP-385. You might need AdBlock for that site though.

  7. Richard

    You’re the best! If it weren’t because it’s December and I need money, I would send you something! I think I looked at # 3 but I can’t remember its name. What are those movies called? Could you tell me please? 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8? I hope you have a Merry Christmas and thank you for coming back for years I have been waiting for it to be updated and finally. Thank you

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