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  1. Ray

    Found her the name is Cecily Carter

    • botd

      That’s funny cause while I was posting the Club Booty, I thought of this post cause they’re similar.

  2. rayj
  3. realreal

    so, nobody got more info about this girl? She was amazing.

    • botd

      Somebody found her on the forums. Scroll up to Moby Dick’s comment. Doesn’t look like much tho.

  4. Caesar

    Damn shame there still isn’t any info on that chic

  5. Rayj

    So no luck?

    • botd

      Talked to Mofos and they said she was only an extra and that they’re trying to convince her to do a scene. They can’t give out her info for legal reasons.

      • Rayj

        thanks well glad you were able to speak with them and hopefully the scene happens

  6. realreal

    fuck this, i give up

  7. MobyDick

    Guys please go to Twitter and ask them about this scene and this girl with the fishnet stocking, big ass and curly dark hair! If enough people ask perhaps they will respond?

    • realreal

      give me the twitter

      • MobyDick

        Mofos twitter search it on google and you will most likely find it! I’ve sent 3 tweets but they don’t respond :'(

        • realreal


  8. realreal

    so someone knew her name?

  9. Bindondat

    Why not contact MOFO webmaster or MOFO?

    • realreal

      that’s a good idea, but how?

  10. poohbia

    She probably was just a stripper. I heard they cast extras like that in these type of “party” scenes

  11. MobyDick

    After endless searching I found her thread!!!! board.freeones.com/showthread.php?712830-ID-Big-titty-latina-on-MOFOS

    • botd

      Cool, but still no name.

      • MobyDick

        I’m trying bro :'(

  12. realreal

    But she is not part of the sex so is not listed!


  13. blackfrost

    the girls are: melody Jordan, Melanie hicks, and brandi blunt.

  14. MobyDick

    She reminds me of Natalie Sash, but I know it’s not her… To think that Mofos would fuck with you this way is just sad, I will fight for this AMAZING BIG BOOTY anyway!!!!

    • botd

      Haha. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes her better than the main stars of the video.

      I think most guys that visit mofos would rather see the other girls, which is funny cause it seems like the dudes in that video can’t help themselves but to try to touch the thick girl’s ass.

      • MobyDick

        Hahaha it’s true, but is she a stripper or something? Someone should start a thread about her! Her curly dark hair and curves is driving me insane! :O

  15. MobyDick

    Please guys help that is the best ass I’ve seen this year so far and it would be a shame if we couldn’t find the name of this beautiful lady! :'(

    • 2pac

      Her name is Cecily Carter she used to have Instagram cant find it

  16. MobyDick

    Let’s all work together to find the name of the owner of this amazing booty!!! 🙂

  17. realreal

    But who is her!!

    • botd

      Somebody tell us goddammit!

  18. blackfrost

    invite sent Drew07

    • ks4714

      blackfrost, a big THANKS for the invite. I haven’t received it yet, but when it hits I’ll be on it like white on rice!

      • blackfrost

        cool deal. i prefer iptorrents cause i never have to worry about virus or any other “problems”. i heard mixed things about piratebay so i rarely use it. every once in the blue moon i might get something wrong there but iptorrents is my gold mine

        • Aqua

          Shit am I too late for an invite bro?

          if not xxxkfreshxxx@aim.com

          • blackfrost

            i sent you an invite

  19. joe

    ill take an invite too

  20. Jay

    Hey, I’ll take an invite if that’s ok man, it’d be much appreciated! And yes, she’s a hottie haha.

    • blackfrost

      need your email address

  21. Drew07

    blackfrost, think u can send me one of these? I’m Seraching invitation to Bangla torrents and IPTorrents

    Anyway, my e-mail: andreangel10@hotmail.com


  22. blackfrost

    ks4714 sent you an invite. i have 3 more invites to send out if people want one

    • woamniser

      Blackfrost is that offer still on?

      • blackfrost

        i need your email address

  23. realreal

    who is here, for the love of jebus

  24. ks4714

    Since I’m not privileged enough to have an iptorrent account (limit has been reached), I thought I’d let everyone that is in the same boat as me have a link to tpb for this vid…,

    If anyone’s feeling charitable and can send me an invite for iptorrent, hmu at gmail.

  25. blackfrost

    here are the screens: http://saveotic.com/38y
    and here is the torrent for the video: http://www.iptorrents.com/details.php?id=955274

  26. Boooty freak

    Wish I could get my hands on there.

  27. 7

    “We met up with Brandi, Melanie, and Melody for a Halloween party, and these amateur sluts couldn’t wait to strip out of their skimpy Halloween costumes and get fucked. We fucked them hard, they sucked our dicks, and then they shared a few facials.”

    • botd

      Brandi, Melanie and Melody are the three girls that get banged in the video. This chick is not one of them.

      • Day


        • botd

          Day, the person above me whose name is 7 copied and pasted the description from the video, but the girl on the video loop I posted isn’t one of the main 3 girls that were named Brandi, Melanie or Melody from the actual video. Knowmsayin?

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