11 Responses to Jada Wet and Wild

  1. Dan

    What video is this? Can’t find it anywhere

  2. blackfrost

    another great loop of jada. i have so many videos of her now.

    • Jefferson

      I love her work, which would you recommend!

      • blackfrost

        Jada Stevens – POV Pervert 15, hands down for me.

        • Jefferson

          Checked it out, loved it. She must be the ultimate for anal doggy!

  3. Desipimp

    Great point, I agree! Fuckin love this site!

  4. Desipimp

    Jefferson I concur. But sometimes it’s the skinny chicks that have the most delicious buttholes!

    • Jefferson

      Definitely! I wouldn’t disciminate. It’s fantastic having easier access but there is something satisfying about having to hold the cheeks apart!

  5. yoyo

    mann I remember her back in the days when she had all the shape but no meat, I think it was a realityKing video.
    I wonder if just eating and working out can grow an ass so much :D””

  6. Jefferson

    Jada’s ass hole just looks so tasty

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