13 Responses to How 5 Celebs Would Look with Bigger Booties

  1. Reader

    ╬Łone of them, the extra butt looks ugly on them

  2. Johnny

    Just shows, a round ass can make 7 into a 10

  3. RonH

    Miley went from hood rat to dime.

  4. Zux

    Lets start small with fixing miley !

  5. Hipster

    2.0 for every woman….make it happen BOTD!!

    • botd

      Every woman or every celebrity? Still a lot to ask but I’ll try.

      • Hipster

        Lol…Was just wishful thinking but I’m sure we’ll appreciate whatever.

  6. Mike

    Would LOVE to see more Miley versions.

  7. Zux

    Would love one of those interactive thickify things of Miley.

  8. Tektek

    No matter how nice or big a booty you give Miley Cyrus, I will not go near that woman. She looks like a corpse, man.

  9. maxamilli

    There would be alot less negative talk about miley if she had a booty at all

  10. Bee

    That’s a beautiful sight!!! Awesome post!

  11. blackfrost

    all of them can stay except miley cyrus

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